Cuckelodeon and Denial

Just in case many aren't acquainted with this yet, I introduce you to a show called "Bella and the Bullldogs". This show is already dildo enough with the denial of gender dimorphism in sports and interracial cuck. But that leads to who made such a thing. Meet one of the creators, Jonathan Butler. Not much is known about him besides he was involved in two other projects that included racemixing. One of them is a porno, aptly named "The Cuckold".

This is a video from Common Filth which explains the ordeal. You can also get the story from the Daily Stormer and read the original from 4chan's /tv/. The gist of it is that every /pol/lack's fears are coming to life. Interracial cucking, feminist wet dreams, women and minorities good, white males bad and so on. Worse, it all appears to be deliberate. It doesn't help that both of the creators are black and Jewish (Gabriel Garza). This whole show is a cavalcade of oven.

But this isn't the most rage-worthy part. Some lefties have noticed the justified outrage regarding this to spin it as another conspiracy theory cooked up by "evil white supremacists". Robyn Pennacchia of the Frisky made an article doing just that. She even goes so far as to put them on the same level as Illuminati enthusiasts. I'm sorry, but I find it hard to legitimize such a counter-argument if you lump people who see subtle dildo themes with "muh Illuminati" types.

She responds to an article from MGTOW/PUA Chateau Heartiste, who seems to be going along Roosh V's route to Interstate 1488 by condemning the show. Overall, she says nothing other than "ahhah, let's laugh at the crazy racists". However, she does mention and links David Futrelle, noted mangina who also responded to Chateau Heartiste's article. David pretty much does the same thing as Robyn with the exception that he acknowledges Butler's previous trash "The Cuckold" and its connection to "Bella and the Bulldogs". But he dismisses it because since Bella and Troy (the black guy) aren't really dating, let alone boinking in front of white males, the outrage is completely baseless.

What both Pennacchia and Futrelle failed to grasp is that "cuck" has taken an expanded meaning over the last few years. In edgelord lore, "cuckolding" doesn't just mean seeing your wife/girlfriend corrupted by another in adulterous ways, it can also delve in the political and symbolic. White leftists droning on about "white privilege" or basic white GOPers shilling the minority vote are good examples of political cucking. The idea of giving minorities or assorted "oppressed groups" unwarranted support, even putting them in a pedestal at the expense of whites and their identity is the gist of it.

"Bella and the Bullldogs" is a good example of symbolic cucking. Here you have a white female protagonist and the male friend she is shown with the most is black while her white male friends are shown with more "goofy" qualities than the black male character. The other white male characters are not shown as much, with bland qualities or are antagonists. Although she dated a white male, it was shortlived and shallow. I'm not sure or care if Bella and Troy will get together (I'm triggered by this show enough as it is and these shows don't last long), but he is slated to be her main love interest. Basically the black guy is portrayed as the "topdog" among "mediocre" or "bad" white male characters. Cuck.

In conclusion, it would be obvious that leftist would dismiss concerns of dildo in the talmudvision. They accepted the dildo for so long, they use TV as policy ideas and representing their worldview. I bet they would use "Bella and the Bulldogs" to get women in the NFL. But overall, it's important to call out the media's dildo. It is a good way to expose to everyone how they shill the narrative and how hard they shill it. "Bella and the Bulldogs" is just a recent example in a long line of cases. But we can derail it, the best way we can.

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