Black Lives Don't Matter

At TRS, we pride ourselves on being a "third way," neither truly left nor truly right. We like to think of ourselves as appealing equally to liberals and conservatives, as finding that golden mean between the wisdom of Martin Luther King, Jr and the patriotism of Bill Kristol.

When it comes to the significance of black lives, then, we here at TRS pride ourselves on a unifying, all-encompassing view that draws from the best that both American political traditions have to offer. With the right, we affirm that the life of some big, fat criminal who tries to murder a cop doesn't matter. And with the left, we affirm that it really doesn't matter when a couple of thugs in Chicago shoot each other over drugs or Jordans or whatever.

I remember a year ago or so when there were thirty murders in a single weekend in Chicago. And since the Baltimore riots, blacks have been getting murdered at a higher rate than usual. If you're a liberal reading this, just admit it: black lives don't matter to you. The only time you give a shit about a dead black is when you can use his corpse to signal your morally enlightened conscience to other white liberals. And if you're a basic bitch conservative reading this, admit it, the only reason you pretend to care about the dozens of blacks killed every weekend in America is so that you can insist that "liberals are the real racists."

Black lives don't matter to liberals. Black lives don't matter to conservatives. Black lives don't even matter to black people.

If your "community" and the lives of the people in it don't matter to you, they sure don't matter to anyone else.

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