Feminists Rage Over Humorous Truth

Many of you are acquainted with Emma Sulcowiczwiczwicz, the Mattress Girl who wants to be an attention whore by turning alleged rape into "art". Even after the accused man was cleared of the charges, She and her supporters still won't let go. So it's nice that the yellow merchant from Columbia is getting a taste of artistic truth.

Here's a gallery of posters mocking her and another oven worthy woman, Lena Dunham, who also echos and accused someone of rape. Knowing that mocking idiots who falsely accuse men of rape is currently haram, it didn't take long for the leftist spin media to condemn the posters.

But in the end, Emma's story is just another example of feminism's crippling ridiculousness. It combines degenerate "art" with Tubmlr-esque "social awareness". Well, we are all aware of how trivial she's making rape. I hope she's happy of her sad self, because the president of Columbia certainly isn't. I'll leave you edgelords with this.


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