Waco Is Exactly Like Ferguson Except When It Isn't [1488 Word Omnibus]

It's been a triggery week down here at Rancho Godwino. Sunday afternoon saw one of my favorite groups of blue collar plebs- MC riders- in an inter-club brawl that left 9 dead. My first reaction was to sit on it because the stories were wild and left lots of questions unanswered. But some of those answers are starting to take form and it's not pretty.

The background: Sunday afternoon members of the Cossacks and Scimitars MCs were meeting at a Twin Peaks (it's a kitschy Breastaurant like Tilted Kilt or Hooters for you sheltered Mormons). The Scimitars were in the process of patching over to the Cossacks- MC speak for a merger of sorts. Another local club, the Bandidos, showed up at some point. Allegedly the Bandidos and Cossacks didn't get along, owing to some previous bad blood (literally) between the two, including a stabbing of Cossacks members by the Bandidos president last year. If you're familiar with how 1%er clubs settle disputes like this, you know where it's going: bar fight. So apparently on Sunday the bar fight got kinda heated and apparently someone got stabbed and then someone got hit by a chair and then like 250 people were fucking each other up while large breasted young women ushered the rest of the patrons into the freezer. I gotta say, that had to be fun to watch. I love a good panic. Anyways, the first twist in our story comes when you discover that not only did police have an inkling of what was about to happen, they had a shitton of cops waiting outside and nearby just in case this did happen. As soon as they heard the commotion, it was weapons free.

Initially the reports just said "9 dead" and didn't mention any arrests and holy fuck did liberals run with that. Within a few hours it was immediately being compared to Ferguson and Baltimore. I'll spare you the triggering memes because you've no doubt seen them already. When pressed on the issue, leftists insisted the two situations were entirely equivalent and represented one of the clearest and most definitive case studies on police/race relations. The conclusion was inescapable: white people get away with literal chaos and mass murder but brown people get tear gassed and shot for peaceful protest.

"peaceful protest"

Now that 48 hours have passed a few interesting things have come out:

Lets compare this to combined effects of Ferguson and Baltimore:

  • Only two dead at the hands of police (1 ruled justified)
  • About 140 out of 2,500+ were arrested
  • Charges against all but about 20 were dropped
  • Zero rioters killed or even shot at by police
  • State of Emergency declared
  • Over one hundred million in property damage
  • National Guard required in both cases to end the riot

BRB, wifing
This is just another in the long list of hatefacts that liberals block you on social media for sharing. Like the fact that police kill whites in officer-involved shootings far more often than blacks and the fact that police officers are far more willing to shoot whites than blacks. Like the fact that blacks make up 12-14% of the US population (depends on which metric you use) but they commit 28% of all crime, 38% of violent crime and 52% of murders. Like the fact that these statistics are closely mirrored in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and basically every other country where blacks live. Like the fact that 88% of serial killers caught since 2000 are black and at no point in the verifiable record have they been less than 4x as likely as a white person to be a serial killer. Like the fact that they are 8x more likely to commit a racially-motivated crime than a white. Like the fact that 85% black New Orleans, LA would, if made its own country, have the 4th highest murder rate on planet Earth.

But remember kids, all white people are racists, white people are the root cause of all the world's ills and everything will be fine when all the white people are dead. Hell, nobody wasted any time in calling them all "skinhead gangs" either.

These "skinhead gangs" look more Los Zetas than Aryan Brotherhood
The well-known White Power group HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry was there spreading the word of Jesus. Just like Michael Brown, amiright? Now there are even claims from virtually every single news outlet in America that more biker gangs are on their way and they've pledged to kill anyone in uniform. Which totally meshes with every single media report that virtually no motorcycle riders have been spotted in town since the brawl and the leader of the Bandidos has explicitly said this is not true.

Here's bizarro-land for you, volk. In a nation where we must be reminded day in and day out that #BlackLivesMatter (top kek) because of the extraordinary rate at which police allegedly murder innocent people (FYI: officer-involved shootings are lower than any point in US history), what gets the know-nothing left's blut pumping for race war? A bar fight involving whites where cops killed no less than 45% and up to 100% of the dead. I mean, wrap your fucking noodle around that. Within minutes of the story breaking on CNN Twitter had erupted into a seething cauldron of anti-white sentiment and if you attempted to inject any nuance into the situation whatsoever you were looking at it through the lens of your unstymied privilege. The facts were, according to the left, absolutely equivalent and any debate on that fact was clear-cut racial bias. Meanwhile, a glace at the hashtag #Waco shows dozens of people calling for cops to start shooting more bikers.

Despite the fact that blacks commit 8-40x more violent crime per capita, despite the fact that these apes invented a game where the sole purpose is to sucker punch defenseless people, white people are the violent ones who need to be checked. When a pack of urbans rapes and murders a teenage white girl they're "teens" and "youths" on every network in the United States if the story ever gets aired at all. The media basically never airs coverage of black serial killers despite the fact that the creeping negro horde is more than 20x more likely to be killing people for sport or for racial vengeance. Ask anyone what race most serial killers are and I will bet my fucking house most say "whites". For fuck's sake despite the fact that almost 90% of serial killers this decade were black, the FBI's former chief behavioral analyst (profiler) still gives talks at community colleges telling people that "95% of serial killers are white"- ALMOST THE EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH. The media won't report that the Nation of Detroit would have the second highest murder rate on Earth after- surprise- the ethnic paradise of Honduras. They won't report the fact that if you take black murders out of US statistics and adjust the population figures accordingly the United States has roughly the same murder rate as Norway, and one of the lowest in the world.

So, where's the racial bias?

Oh yeah, there it is
Look, to paraphrase Larry the Cable Guy "I don't care who ya are, this shit ain't funny". You are witnessing, in digital slow motion, the exact same process that led to a white genocide in South Africa. Your people are being demonized for any and all acts of perceived aggression while your culture believes that naturalized African wildlife truly dindu nuffin. Yeah, a bunch of white people got into a brawl. Have you ever looked at fucking WorldStar Hip-Hop? The front page is literally 50+% fistfights on a daily basis. You are a monster, dindu is a saint.

Now, I'm pragmatic. I don't think the left is going to revise their conclusions based on new evidence. In fact, I'm betting dollars to Reichsmarks that the exact same people who only yesterday said these two situations were absolutely equivalent and completely clear-cut evidence of racial bias are suddenly going to find a metric fuckton of nuance to quibble over. But if they want to get into it, there's a race problem in America alright. Let's have a dialogue, you pusillanimous faggots. Just don't get upset when your noble savage myth crumbles and you're left defending a bunch of savages.

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