Mad (White) Men

The series finale of Mad Men aired the other night and if my social media accounts are any indicator, it's currently filling up your wall too. A banal show written by a kike about how awful white men are is once again the biggest draw on TV. Anyone surprised?

Of course not. Not even going to go into the fact that it's airing on a network that pushed for more diversity and more diversity on "The Walking Dead" until 50% of the cast was black and 20% was Asian. Or how people still bitched that it wasn't diverse enough after less than 10% of the show was straight white men. Like most other shows on the electric Jew these days, Mad Men is basically a monument to the White Man's avarice. Consequently it's being praised for it's "realistic" depictions of the gross injustices the White Man inflicts on... well, everything. To the astute viewer it's especially fitting that the show was written by a Jew, because the show could easily be rendered far more realistic if the protagonists were Jews. How so? Well...

Seven seasons in one slightly-too-long paragraph: The whole show is deliberately calculated to be a Jewed metaphor for the modern day. Set in the 1960s, it depicts a high-end advertising agency where WASP men are exploitive pygs who rape everything around them (literally and figuratively) and shirk the responsibilities that result from that constant rape in favor of drinking and smoking and gambling and whoring. They absolve themselves of any responsibility frequently using the argument that they are "chosen"- rich, powerful and smart. On the other half of the gender spectrum women are Stryng, Empoweryd Goddysses who can't succeed and have permanent emotional problems as a result of the being constantly crushed under the boots of men (but they look fabulous doing it and eventually stand up to their oppressors). When run by whites, corporate culture is completely banal and corrupt and the mere existence of an office building staffed with workers and a white upper management is a priori proof of a powerful financier using it as a front to break US and international law, usually for sinister and perverted purposes. The ringleaders run drugs and vice to keep people stupid and make a fortune, and frequently abuse those same vices to cope with the reality of their exploitative natures. They trick, torment, use and abuse young women for fun- often metaphorically at gunpoint- and after they're done, dump them to the wolves. They force people into compromising situations against their will in order to frame and blackmail them for their own benefit and they play tricks on people to take whatever they can because they feel entitled to it as the people they cheat are subhumans who exist only to serve them. That's only the broad strokes. The details get far more sinister.

The reality of Shlomo is not pretty. It never was.

The irony is that the entire show is basically a repackaged story straight off DailyStormer about what Jews do to host societies, how they live their lives while in power and how they game host societies systems to exploit and escape punishment. As per usual though, the entire thing is pinned on WASPy men and if you see a Jew in that show at all, he's a mousy little man who works night and day to carry out the wishes of the WASPy oppressors for no pay and he's constantly oppressed for his religious beliefs (OY VEY).

While Jews in the real world pretty much hold an exclusive grip on media and communication; while the very word "propaganda" was coined by a Jew who also single-handedly birthed the women's liberation movements and the "America is bringing democracy to the huddled masses of Earth" trope for sheckles; while Nickalodeon and MTV are run by a cabal of bonafide Jewish child molesters; while consumption is marketed high and low by Merchantsteinechobergs around the world; while good goyim are told to stand aside while their kike overlords Jewfuck all the good shiskas into gyrating whores like Miley Cyrus; while Jews snap up every last inch of real estate in every major city and drive up rents; it's the corrupt, cronyistic, rich, white and male oppressors who are storming out of the cold mountains of Europe to enslave the world with smog and fire and Mad Men is an allegorical tale about those fiendish orcs at the edge of civilization: White Men.

Basically, it's like the Jewish Lord of the Rings.

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