A better response to "G's" dilemma

Hi G. Your question has struck a nerve in our little community. Our response left a lot to be desired.

I should pretend that your question was never read on the podcast. Things for me would be a lot easier if I could. I have quit the inner circle, the podcast, perhaps this blog because I can't. I'm a stubborn motherfucker like that, and this edgelord stuff is kinda dumb and draining sometimes.

Anyway, you would think we could have done better in responding to your dilemma.

The modern world's contradictory narrative on race has been fertile ground for many a TRS article and podcast. The demographic decline of the West is our bread and butter. Miscegenation is not an alien topic. It's a reality that is staring us in the face. It's not going away. It found us in our larpy safe space.

For most of the blog's existence, our schtick has been to present as a more grounded voice in the edgisphere. Our group has always been a unique mix of personalities and experiences, savoir-faire and gravitas. The result has been an incisive, relevant, and balanced perspective to help one be an edgelord in a world that would prefer one goes along to get along. Miserable contentment.

...Yet we, TRS, red-pilliest of the red pill, waffled when presented with your problem. Because you invaded our hermetically-sealed racist space. Because even hard-nosed realists forget how to real, sometimes.

I couldn't accept that. You came to us wanting a real response. So I've chosen to sacrifice comfortable larping to give it to you. I'm going to give your question the best answer that I could come up with. I sacrificed a lot of imaginary power in my imaginary movement to share this profundity with you, please appreciate it.

I hope it helps, but you're not going to like it.

I don't condone race mixing. I never will. I believe in race realist arguments like I believe in gravity and God. I think the overall impact of miscegenation is detrimental to society. I know it sucks, but you know it's true. You live that truth every day.

I don't like the idea of replacing the familiar with the half-familiar, half-alien. I don't like it at all, I'm honestly repulsed.

Do not mistake kindness for weakness. My choosing to give advice, to help, and not brush you off or ignore you, is done out of my need to be just. It is not a compromise of a deeply-held belief that what you have done here is wrong.

You wronged my commons, and you can never, ever change that.

Recognize that, contrary to how you may feel, your girlfriend's father is showing you infinitely more kindness and mercy than I am. Pastor Stormfront can't be that bad of a man if he raised a woman that has become such a good in your life that you're considering a life of hardship for it. Fact is, mean ole' dad is enduring hardship as well.

The real question/challenge you've chosen to face is: "who am I?"

It's a hard question. People never like the answer.

Ask yourself if you really want to be a good husband, a good father, a good dad. Ask yourself if it's worth the effort. Ask yourself if you want to produce kids that will always have trouble fitting in. Ask yourself if you actually deserve her father's hate, it you really are just a nigger. Ask yourself if you're a slimy mudblood that gamed his way into a dumb, rebellious girl's pants. Ask yourself if you are man enough to carry this weight until the day you finally die and the world can go back to pretending that you never happened.

Don't ask for an existential crutch. It doesn't exist. Ultimately it doesn't matter if I'm 14/88 or a liberal cuckold, if you love this woman or break her heart. Whether you give up and justify your failure, or try and also fail, you're going to die. Death is the only thing you will ever perfectly accomplish.

So do your best, faggot. It's not enough.