Wing-Wong Ching-Chong, Everything I Do Is Wrong

Democrats are in a bit of hot water with Asians right now. In the last election, Republicans took 50% of the Asian vote, up from 40% in 2010. This makes sense, of course. Liberals have been excluding Asians from the best schools via affirmative actions, increasing their aggression against married families and high earners, and have only recently declared war on the software industry for not having enough blacks or women.

To try to win back the Asian vote, liberals are turning to the only weapon in their arsenal: racial grievance. Problem is, Asians aren't high-grade failures the way blacks are. So what could Asians get butthurt about?

Yup, that's all they've got. Life isn't fair to Asians because sometimes, white people ask them about their ancestry. So vote Democrat.

Much of the liberal psyche revolves around being butthurt over trivialities. This isn't just because liberals are petty human beings. It's because liberals need to feel better than everyone else. They can only do this if they're whining about a problem that no one else cares about. Normal people don't really care if someone asks us about our ancestry, which is why liberals are trying to tell Asians they should be super offended if this happens to them.

I doubt this will work in the long run. Between the left's war on the successful and its assault on the family, I doubt petty butthurt alone will be enough to keep Asians loyal.

Too bad they don't have kids.

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