Racism as SWPL Shit Test

If you’re TRS, you’re probably not racist. At least not in the sense of hating POCs or wanting them to suffer harm. Odds are you don’t care enough about the Pantheon of the Oppressed to harbor any ill will towards them. That said, nothing will stop the Narrative’s relentless goal of forcing every white American to accept the original sin associated with their ancestry. Case in point, Elizabeth Grattan’s latest SWPL Shit test. Grattan asks readers to “be brave” and taker her test. If you have twenty minutes or so and a good sense of humor, you too can prove that the alt-right is actually less “racist” than the American norm.

Neither. They’re LARPing. Standing up in the middle of firefight instead of seeking cover is a giveaway.

  1. “You have quoted or shared a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. meme because that’s the only black male leader you have ever heard of.”
    No. I don't share memes. I've actually read books, and realize the futility of quoting books to people who don't read.

  2. “The above is “no” because you’ve also heard of Malcolm X.”
    No. Malcolm X rocks, but I still don't share memes. I can also name other black intellectuals that I can quote off the top of my head, but since they're neither Dindu nor SWPL icons, I doubt the author knows them. Regardless, I imagine Grattan is the kind of SWPL who thinks that black opponents of the narratives are “racist” as well.

  3. “You called a WoC a ‘Mother of the Year’ for putting ‘one of those juvenile delinquents in their proper place’.”
    No, I call her a mother. You don't get extra points for doing your job.

  4. “You don’t know or care what WoC stands for.”
    I assume it means “Women of Color.” When I grew up, it was slang for Japanese. Let's not pretend making up acronyms is edgy or smart.

  5. “You hide behind the etymology of the word ‘thug’.”
    I call them rioters, criminals, and animals.

  6. “You remind people slavery is over.”
    Yes. Since most Dindi can't tell you when it ended, or find the Slave Coast on a map. I've also had blacks ask me questions about where their ancestors came from because apparently being able to work Wikipedia is white privilege.

  7. “You bring up Oprah Winfrey in any discussion about the struggle of the black community.”
    Fuck Oprah Winfrey.
    I also give no shits about their “struggle.” I've got my own issues. Carry your own rucksack and suffer in silence.

  8. “You mention we have a black President.”
    Half-Kenyan. His father is from the opposite side of the continent from the Slave Coast. Anyways, he grew up in Hawaii, a state where whites are a minority and blacks were almost non-existent at the time. Anyways, if Obama doesn't mark an end to black suffering, then JFK didn’t mark the end to Irish suffering. Get in line behind everyone else if we're playing the victim card.

  9. “You think black culture is awesome but the experience of the black community is their problem.”
    I think upper-class Afro-Caribbean culture is awesome. I know the problems of the black "community" is their own fucking responsibility.

  10. “You called for an end to violence only after you couldn’t access the convenience of your CVS.”
    The violence never should have started. That's why respectable people complain about black “culture.”

  11. “You cited a rap sheet of a dead man.”

  12. “When you hear the words law and order, you’d rather talk about Olivia than Miranda Rights.”
    I'd rather talk about civilian self-defense. Shooting Dindu in the face seems to have an amazing deterrence factor.

  13. “You refer to riots as the cause of unrest instead of a symptom of it.”
    Nope. I fully accept that riots are Dindi's fault.

  14. “You use the term ‘race card’.”
    No, I don’t use that term. Do you want me to speak honestly about the issue?

  15. “You mention or allude to welfare offices not being burned down in the midst of chaos.”
    No. I'm also for abolishing the welfare state and making welfare the responsibility of one's family. I imagine the problem of those who don't know their fathers will sort itself out.

  16. “You are still referring to the killings of unarmed black men as isolated incidents.”
    Not carrying a gun isn't the same thing as being "unarmed”, so no.

  17. “You use the term ‘reverse racism’.”
    I prefer the terms "parasitism" and givesmedat.

  18. “You believe being colorblind is enlightened.”
    I thought meritocracy was enlightened. It's better for blacks than racialism, amirite?

  19. “You think having a black friend means you couldn’t possibly be racist.”
    I think Leftists will call me racist anytime they don’t have an actual argument. It’s interesting that when “racists” have black friends it makes you reactively defensive about your narrative. Why is that?

  20. “…because he/she is different and doesn’t ‘act like that’.”
    Act like what, a fucking animal? Yes. Again, that's the whitey meritocracy thing. Take it or leave it, it's better than what winner-takes-all will get you.

So, I’m two for twenty. According to Grattan that means that I “likely suffer more from White Privilege.” More likely than what, I’m not sure, since Grattan didn’t feel the need to explain what was being compared in a comparative sentence, but apparently Igotsit. Thanks. I’ve checked, and it’s awesome.

How’d everyone else do on the test?

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