Jewish Revolutionary Media/Activist Complex Desperately Attempts to Skew the Narrative on Baltimore Riots

The latest ooga-boogie, this time in Baltimore, is the most explicitly racial yet. More transparency would clearly have benefited the (mostly black) Baltimore PD, what with a hot summer around the corner and phenotypical sharks swarming the waters. That said, the printer-ink-exhausting rap-sheet of Freddie Gray—while certainly not proof in and of itself that he was the recipient of legally justified force—also totally belies the universal narrative that he was a church-going teen who dindu nuffin.

We know that regardless of whether evidence comes out to the effect that Gray was indeed doon' sumthin, his race-kin and their cuckolds will find a way to excuse it and blame whitey anyway. But we aren't trying to sway or convince them, and the more outrageously our interlocutors obfuscate, the better for those of us who have an audience, patience and tone-trolling skills.

If your first impression was that the black is stealing the purse, bad news: you're racist.
The increasingly-common struggle sessions—seems like every week, now—that are meant to concentrate black rage while polarizing and browbeating white political discourse, exemplify the greatest weakness of our enemies: they have absolutely no self-awareness. They do not know how others see them, because they are incapable, or perhaps unwilling, to understand how others see them.

One would assume that, with all the thousands of people killed by police, these champions of Justice™ would be able to take the time to find a single incident of a model minority being killed for totally unjustified reasons by an archetypal Straight White Male Authority Figure. And yet, every incident—even those like Eric Garner, which seem tragic to a former libertarian in whom the freedumb streak still runs pretty deep—inevitably involve law-breakers being treated with legally justified force. And yet every time we get knee-jerk, reactive, wholly artificial, Manichaean screeching contrived and drummed up by the Tribal media-complex.

This seems counterintuitive, and yet some conclude that the Cis, White Man is playing divide and rule, and that the racial element is all made up in order to fan such Garrisonian flames. This has always been a shoddy, one-dimensional, and frankly pseudo-edgy narrative, used by pseudo-radical Chomskyites and Cop-Blockers, who LARP like they are against the system despite ardently defending all the system's central tenets using all the sophistries taught to them in the hallowed walls of venerable institutions.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Jewish social engineers and their army of SJW Golems simply cannot help but react in this way. It's all they know how to do. They cannot conceive of a world in which all reaction is anything other than a sign of counter-revolutionary forces that must be rooted out, and where each of their failures is evidence of a need to double down on the Mosaic medicine. If, on some level, they understand that their behavior is driving them over a precipice, such bad thoughts are easily buried, thanks to the variety of self—and group—imposed cultish techniques. Forward, to the end of history!

Here is a perfect example of Judaic consequentialist ethics being applied in real time right in front of our Goyish Kopf noses, by the running dogs of the global Jewish agenda to integrate the entire world into a single multiracial—yet culturally and economically homogeneous—political entity. Read the entire thing before continuing here. It's short, and really drives home the seemingly surreal lengths that Jews and sufficiently-corrupted TransJews will go to achieve their agenda.

The audacious and licentious tactics, and the nepotistic scheming revealed to be behind them, are to Goyim, who by nature are trusting and honest, unbelievable. Many Goyim who accept some basic understanding that the Jews pose a fairly serious problem in our modern society still have a hard time grasping how it is that any people could commit to such unprincipled depravity, especially on such a wide-spread, long-term, decentralized and distributed scale. It cannot be stressed enough that such an understanding is a prerequisite for, and core pillar of, any consistent heuristic approach to the Jewish Problem.

Just as the accusation by Jews against Goyim of constantly engaging in nepotism that creates "white privilege" is a projection of an aspect of the Jewish psyche and experience by foreskinners like Katz, Rosenberg, and Wise onto the hated Nations, so the Nations project their naive, fair and honorable predispositions onto a Tribe of sociopaths who, though they are practiced in all forms of crypsis, are totally psychologically and essentially alien.

The particular fork-tongued Chosen responsible for spreading the patently ridiculous falsehood that white women were trying to steal a black man's purse in the middle of a black riot are in a microcosm what the Synagogue is in a macrocosm.

"These nonviolent protests started when drunk whites were violent toward nonviolent dindus, who were justified in their nonviolent protest even though nonviolence is compliance (except when white people are violent, even though white people weren't violent)"

While the often tension-riddled tribal dynamics of Global Jewry see a number of methods pursued in lateral and often intersecting fashion, all of which aim to address "what is best for Jews" at differing levels of exotericism, it is at this low and magnified level that one finds the revolutionary footsoldiers trying to apply their post-industrial reactionary ideology in a post-digital age.

The motivating force behind this particular instantiation of shameless Chutzpah—aside from the Jewish biological drive to subvert and destroy, and the inherently spiteful Jewish biological nature—seems to be a desire to foment some kind of expropriating revolution along traditional Red lines, where the chimpenproletariat takes the place of the traditional laboring classes.

A quick aside, to note that one cannot deny that Emma Goldman is far more reconcilable with the contemporary, critical-theory based Progressive ideology, as compared with Marx and Lenin. Goldman is a Woman who was made a martyr, whereas Marx and Lenin were Cis Straight "White" Men who had all kinds of privilege and lived long, fulfilling lives. That Germany gave Lenin Russia but executed Emma Goldman is all the proof one needs of an eternal and all-pervasive male privilege!

These Jews hiss shameless lies, totally inverting the truth so as to maintain hold on their thralls and golems, because they see all means as justified, provided they function to—at least in their twisted minds—stoke revolution against the system. That this system is run by members of their Tribe who share all the same premises may or may not be lost on them, but they pose no threat to their higher fractal dimensions, serving only to break down vestiges of their shitlord enemies' moral and cultural defenses.

It's going to be a long, hot summer! If God's Chosen aren't careful, they might be mistaken for a filthy sheigetz by the Shvatsas they have unleashed.