A comprehensive response to Aurini & Forney

Davis MJ Aurini, a well-known freelance theologian of the right, has posted a thorough podcast takedown of the The Right Stuff and its award-winning podcast, the Daily Shoah. This is apparently in response to Michael Enoch's #1 summer jam, "Fuck Aurini," a rap battle callout that is currently burning up the charts in Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, and other epicenters of cultural enrichment and vibrancy.

Rather than responding in time, Aurini has responded in his inimitable manner of intellectual even-handedness. They had a lot of valid criticism of TRS, such as pointing out that naming something after the Holocaust (which was real and totally happened) is in poor taste, that Team America is like, old and stuff, that we're secret leftists (in fact we are actually paid JIDF shills), that racism is wrong, and that our wives are ugly.

As alpha males, Forney & Aurini are envied by most men (including the entire TRS Death Panel) and desired by nearly all women (including the entire TRS Death Panel, don't judge me, bigot), so it's been a challenge to craft a response with the level of seriousness and intellectual rigor that the work of such men deserves. However, I'm not one to back down from a challenge. My video response is below.

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Hateful Heretic is a jerk.