Keyboard Humanitarians Save the Homeless. Again.

Source: Show and Tell

Oh God, here we go AGAIN.

We've seen women read mean tweets, and men read mean tweets, now watch homeless people read mean tweets - an important reminder to think about what you write...

Okay, so here we have some generally well-spoken and approachable people. We are told they have been homeless for various numbers of years. They are being moved to tears by really mean things on the internet. Sad face. :'(

I'm guessing that we should like, feel spiritually cleansed by the emotions we feel watching this. We're doing the right thing here. Those tears are totally genuine, and certainly not the product of Pavlovian media responses. We really, really care about these people whose names and faces we will forget in less than an hour. Which is why you should donate ASAP.

After we gather ourselves from this totally life-shattering experience, we should make sure to signal our empathy. We should do this by sharing this video on the social network. Be sure to include a caption to the effect of "so much this!" That's how you can start a conversation that will change lives.

In the future, we should make a point to brow beat mean people more vigorously. Because society's problems are predicated on people not being shallow and saccharine enough, this cultural shift will definitely make the world a better place. Happy face. :)

We should assume that these poor video people woke up one day in a box to find themselves a member of the American untouchables caste. Such a caste exists in our society because the Koch brothers, fundamentalist Christians, and Walmart.

We certainly shouldn't feel resentment at the spectacle of some well-to-do hipsters and women outsourcing their empathy and calls to action on us. It is totally acceptable that they are using the most vulnerable members of our society as a means to reach their hands into our wallets.

I mean, we shouldn't expect these bleeding hearts to sell their iPad, camera and trust funds to directly impact the lives of these needy people they met. They can do so much more by having a one-sided conversation with some narcissists on the fiber optic Jew.

It's not like the audience "Show and Tell" are reaching will care enough to do anything more about societal woes than blow some money to signal moral superiority.

Of course, it's not like you should ever expect leftists to actually care about their fellow man to begin with.