On the Ignominious End of Anthony Stokes


I’m going to go ahead and say it: damn shame. 17-year old Anthony Stokes died tonight after crashing a stolen car into a pole while fleeing police. They were chasing him after a burglary call.

I interviewed Stokes two years ago after he got a new heart. It was a controversial transplant. The hospital initially denied him because of his juvy record and ‘non-compliance’. People locally and nationally rallied for the boy, saying he deserved a second chance at life.

Here’s his last picture on his facebook page, and a link to the story I did with him, when he told me he was grateful to be alive.

Pictured: Gettin' his life togetha'
Anthony a good boi, gettin’ his life togetha’…  LOL JK he’s fucking dead.
A trained cardiothoracic surgeon, a medical team, a cardiologist and staff, nurses, techs, social workers, hundreds of thousands of dollars of patient care and expertise was brought in and paid for by the state to give this vibrant youth a second chance… At playing GTA irl, dawg.

Good fucking game, keyboard humanitarians. All your inane fucking status signalling on the social network succeeded in pressuring medical experts to ignore common fucking sense and pass up hundreds of more deserving and now likely dead people to give an invaluable organ to a piece of shit with an established history of criminality and medical non-compliance.

Congratulations, Shinji.

Enjoy your morning chai and pick out your Thursday Nordstrom ensemble with renewed zest, knowing you have done your part to make the West a more fucking awful and benighted place.