The Cause of Racism


The following zenpencils comic has been making rounds on the social network recently and for obvious reasons (signalling); I’ve shortened the message below for brevity’s sake.

The comic depicts a backwards racist going on an eye-opening vacation to controlled tourist regions of the world, coming back from the experience a wizened and open-minded liberal.

Also, the artist presents us an enlightened quote from the famous writer who created the character “Nigger Jim.” LOL

Mark Twain was so wise! Also, ban Huckleberry Finn.
Mark Twain was so wise! Also, ban Huckleberry Finn.
The KKK robe was a nice touch. The man taking more interest in his physical appearance and replacing his shotgun with fake samurai swords was striking as well, it really tells us the character has changed, grown fundamentally and for the better. Also, kudos for presenting the liberal woman as being upbeat and aloof to the man’s crimethink, and not herself a hateful bigot. This artist really understands how the world works today.

Like most entertainment media these days, this comic amounts to easy validation for those #sobrave keyboard liberals that have never had to walk down a Martin Luther King Boulevard in their lives.

#Sorrynotsorry to burst the bubble, but I’m fairly certain that every edgelord will tell you their hatethink began when exposed to actual diversity, not the whitewashed, white-presenting veneer that multiculturalism and this shitty comic sells.

Funny enough, this comic actually makes more sense if you read it from the bottom-up. For another quick laugh, /Pol/ has responded with more realistic depictions of the world outside of civilization and tourist zones, and what exposure to this diversity actually does to a human being. Links here and here. The Ben Garrison signature is always a nice touch.