A Safe Space Free of White Devils

Recently the Point of Origin for all cat ladies published a piece written by an Indian woman detailing how “Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People.” Putting aside for a moment the obvious snarky observation that a whole lotta white people would absolutely love to accede to their wishes and grant these vibrant hordes a place of their own far removed from any contact with the dastardly Aryan race, the article itself is a gold mine full of the irrational contradictions that plague far left politics.

The entire sad tale involves two white journalism students who were excluded from a “Racialized Students’ Collective March,” putting lefties in the dubious position of trying to advocate for anything that delivers a cockslap to the Ebul Huwhyte Man while simultaneously trying to skirt around allegations of hypocritically promoting segregation. (Extra TRS bonus points if you find yourself wondering if the implication is that white isn’t a race.) How did the left resolve this obvious cognitive dissonance?

"As a tolerant liberal, I accept people of all races except for those privileged Goddamn white folk."
“As a tolerant liberal, I accept people of all races except for those Goddamn privileged white folk.”
Spoilers, they didn’t

“Segregation was imposed on people of colour by people of privilege, not the other way around. The very fact that individuals organizing to help each other get through social barriers and injustices are being attacked and questioned for their peaceful assembly is proof that they were right to exclude those students.”

So in other words, it’s not segregation if whitey doesn’t do it, because, uh, reasons, and we can use circular logic to show that objecting to segregation is proof positive that we need segregation. Imagine if we gave into the impulses of our white western colonialist privilege for a moment and used our oppressive capacity for “abstract thinking” to apply this Hindu Dindu’s logic to other scenarios: It would be wrong to object to Klan rallies, because the Klan is frowned upon and persecuted by most of American society, and speaking out against Klan rallies just demonstrates how necessary they are.

A "person of color" from India, or some shit.
A “person of color” from India, or some shit.
Also, while on the subject of Stuff Black People Don’t Like, a worthy question raised by this entire comedy of errors concerns the relative strength of White Devil Magic, which must be on a power level well over 9000 since the presence of TWO WHITE STUDENTS among an entire throng of “diverse individuals” is enough to oppress and subjugate the entire lot of them.

“The presence of any kind of privilege puts unnecessary pressure on the people of colour to defend any anger or frustrations they have, to fear the outcome of sharing their stories.”

Seriously, were these journalism majors, or the reincarnation of Bull Connor and Nathan Bedford Forrest? Were they going to break out the white hoods and ropes and just start lynching the first nigger to speak? The left has long maintained that the right is full of fearful bigots, but if this doesn’t constitute an actual phobia of white people, I’m not sure what does. How pathetic and terror-stricken is your shitty existence if two college dweebs sitting quietly and taking notes makes you so overcome with fear you can’t even talk?

Actual Huffpo photo of one of the white journalism students.
Actual Huffpo photo of one of the white journalism students.
The author spends the rest of her essay trying to reconcile how one can castigate the white race for its sins against the POCs and “native people” without attacking individual whites themselves, which strikes me as being exactly analogous to “hate the sin, love the sinner,” proving that once again the secular left is just reinventing good ol’ rightwing Puritanism.

Most obviously though, if the mere presence of white folk truly is so distressing to POCs, why not simply advocate for permanent segregation? Clearly they are in desperate need of an escape from a race so monumentally evil that even its modern progressive descendants are still capable of inflicting a paralytic terror on the poor oppressed minorities simply by sharing a room with them. If only there were some place they could go where white faces are seldom seen and the hand of the white man isn’t curled into a menacing fist over the future of people of color…

How ethnic minorities feel in the presence of whitey.
How ethnic minorities feel in the presence of whitey.
There’s an entire continent waiting for you on the other side of the North Atlantic Ocean, my friends.