Race In The Media: Narratives First, Facts As They Come

If the casual red-pill knows anything, it’s that the media runs on a 24hr news cycle and will speculate (wildly) on anything. If TRS knows anything, it’s that the media loves The Narrative. We saw it in Sanford, in Ferguson, in Queens. Now it’s rural Mississippi’s turn.

“Did you hear the one about South African murder rates?”
A few days ago a black man was discovered hanging from a tree in a rural part of Mississippi. Here are the facts:

The victim, Otis Byrd, was found hanging from a tree.
He was found less than a quarter mile from his home.
He was suspended via a bed sheet.
He was fully clothed.
He was not bound or gagged.
There were no signs of a struggle at the scene.
There was no secondary trauma (ie, defense wounds, road rash or evidence of torture).

Now, I had to dig long and fucking hard to find all that. Why? Because the first thing most sources reported was that the NAACP was calling for a hate crime investigation.

“We are calling on federal authorities to immediately investigate the hanging death of Mr. Otis Byrd to determine whether or not his death is the result of a hate crime,” Derrick Johnson, the President of the NAACP Mississippi State Conference said in a statement.

The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi have joined the investigation into Byrd’s death and the FBI is conducting a preliminary inquiry as well.

Yep. Before they point out he was a convicted murderer out on parole, or that he was found alone and with no signs of struggle, or that he was last seen at a casino on the other side of town, they mention that it could very well have been white people’sfault and they’re going to bring the full weight of the Justice Dept to bear on this, because it has all the signs of racism, right?! As Oprah informed us last year, the solution to this problem is for white people to die. So we need answers.

I mean, at this point the investigators have only barely figured out the guy’s name and already white people are being blamed in articles and comments sections across the SJWsphere. Naturally, every single SJW opinion on this comes equipped with the standard byline:

"Let's have a dialogue."
“Let’s have a dialogue.”
So it seems whites have a serious race problem we need to talk about. #racetogether

According to statistics kept by the Tuskegee Institute and Genocide Watch, more than 30x more white farmers in South Africa have been murdered since 1994 than the KKK killed in 120 years.

The murder rate for blacks in the antebellum South was approximately 11.6 in 100,000.
The murder rate for whites in post-Apartheid South Africa is approximately 97 in 100,000.

If you remove murders where blacks were the perpetrator and remove the black population from the overall, the United States murder rate is 2.1 – lower than Norway.

If Detroit, where 9 out of 10 murders are committed by blacks, were its own country it would have the 2nd highest murder rate on Earth.

If 60% black New Orleans were its own country it would have the 4th highest murder rate on Earth.

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There’s still no word about how Otis died, but it really does look like suicide from what we know so far. Not that it will stop any of the race baiting shitfuckery about to ensue. In any case, all of the info above ought to make for some interesting copypasta on cat lady threads. Use your powers wisely, though. With great agency comes great responsibility.

Godwin, out.

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