Responding to voluntaryists and Doug Stanhope on Nationalism

Source: V is for Voluntary

Oh Boy.
The first part of this meme’s statement is hilariously wrong: Doug Stanhope and Voluntaryists, not nationalism, taught me to hate people I’ve never met.

Hilariously enough, the first part of this statement also removes any moral posturing on Nazis, Hitler, and any past evil deed these hyper-individualist navel gazers whine about. Didn’t meet ‘em,  no possible reason to hate them. Right?

Let us apply the second part of Doug’s statement to other forms of particularism. Blacks under the age of 70 have no reason to take pride in Civil Rights, for instance. Neither should any woman alive today feel pride in Suffrage. No one alive participated in it, so who cares?

As an aside: “who cares” is a very important question to consider. When you understand the target audience, who is supposed to care and respond to these words, things become very grim indeed.

Women and minorities today don’t actually take pride in such things. Of course. It’s not about achievement, but about rentseeking.* Of course*. It is no wonder that an entertainer would provide intellectual fodder for parasitism. This sort of thinking is always revealed to be a sick, absurd joke when actually considered.

Even on an edgy right-wing website, we can sometimes forget just how bad “wrong” is.