One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others - Chimpouts vs Death Squads Edition

Tramp stamps on bar hoes and dindus a-chimpin’
Dumb-shit cat ladies and good goyim shillin’
Cop Block starts pulling at lefty heart strings.
These are a few of my least favorite things.

I'll take 'Things That Are Not Equal' for $500, Alex.
I’ll take ‘Things That Are Not Equal’ for $500, Alex.
Now it’s not that I don’t think there’s a valid reason to draw some common sense lines for law enforcement. Hell, most cops feel like cops need stricter boundaries because of their image. But the bottom dwellers running Cop Block has got to be the biggest bunch of tryhard ‘fuck the police‘ faggots ever to steal oxygen from good people. Obviously this isn’t the first time they’ve been complete faggots over something, but this one is Peak Oven.

I mean fucking VENEZUELA?!

Way to compare apples to fucking strychnine guys. The Venezuelan government routinely uses live ammo on huge civilian crowds, and state-sponsored pro-government militias (‘colectivos‘) ride up on motorcycles and start shooting on crowded streets. Meanwhile secret police and death squads will routinely kick in doors and kidnap dozens of anti-Chavez/anti-Maduro protesters sick of the Stalinesque oppression used in defense of the state industry system that’s left half the country among the poorest and most violent in the world.

Government-armed militias planning race war in Ferguson. J/K, it's a death squad in Caracas.
Government-armed militias planning race war in Ferguson. J/K, it’s a death squad in Caracas.
We’re talking about Ferguson- possibly the closest we’ve been to CHIMPCON 0 since white folk first made the probably not-such-a-great-idea-in-retrospect decision to import them by the tens of thousands. The police response wasn’t just justified, it was a source of great photoshop material for Cheaper Than Dirt and PoliceONE. People who went down there to role-play activist found out real fucking quick what life is like among the wild Africanus Criminalis sp. Dindunuffinus.

Comparing the two is a new low, even for Cop Block. I mean, I know they’re never going to accept that Dindu actually did reach in the car, grab at Wilson’s gun and then charge him. But comparing a bunch of apes goin’ wild’n’out on Free Shit Friday to a country torn apart by political shitstorms, a stifling state industry and being neighbors with some real fucking shitheads is beyond full retard. Ferguson was about as close as I’ll get to cheering for the police. Venezuela is a little more complex but needless to say I’m going to tend towards slightly pro anyone who is anti-communist-militia.

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