I Have No Trouble Understanding Nationalism

Brave Level: So
I recognize that this woman is not seriously that retarded, that she is rhetorically signalling being totally above the brutal and backward concept of nationalism. It’s still unbelievably triggering. If there is one thing that brings my piss to a boil, it’s when people (usually women) substitute snark for stupidity when asserting their enlightened opinion. There are less obtuse methods for sticking your head up your ass.

As far as Tom Gauld’s artistic message, I find myself agreeing. If we indeed lived in a cartoon world where everything was a duplicate, if lands and people and cultures and histories were the same everywhere, there would be no point in having differently-colored flags and differently-colored perceptions. Or cultures. Or histories. Or people.

Unfortunately for Gauld, even in this advanced and utopian age there exists such a thing as barbarism; a huge swath of the planet is inhabited by benighted and backward peoples. Unfortunately for Gauld, we live in a reality where people from those savage parts of the world aren’t magically transformed into colorfully equal First Worlders when imported to our lands or given foreign aid.

Even more unfortunately, we live in a day and age where we are encouraged to pretend that the scribbles of some Scottish lib arts major better represents reality than the foreign invaders raping your daughters, murdering your countrymen, converting your neckbeards, and shitting up your land.