Net Neutered

Regrettably, a cohesive TRS narrative regarding what is known as “Net Neutrality” is still in the works. As of this morning, a discussion within the party yielded little more than “Democrats are in favor of it? HAGAY! for 10 hours.” But, without the help of my trusty soundboard, I suppose I can take the first stab at publishing something on the subject on our behalf.

Firstly, a screengrab from muh pedal powered brain bashing laptop:

If you didn’t shudder…
If the Obama HuhWhite House and Al Fucking Franken are this gleeful about something, “HAGAY!”might not be a strong enough response.

Two rumors I am aware of regarding this so-called problem we’re gonna solve are

  • Tiered access to broadband intertewbs is racist or something.
  • ISP/Cable providers throttling Netflix/Hulu traffic to protect their CableTV service

The first bullet is a potential problem.  My ISP, VERIZON, currently offers quite a few speed options for internet access, at reasonable price points.  I currently pay for the slowest available, as it’s more than fast enough for me, and I get to rub my hands together gleefully because of my bargain shopping. I can host a 6 person Skype call for a Daily Shoah recording session without a problem. We sometimes even video chat when we feel our Kinsey Scale needles rising a bit. What a deal!

Tiers and price points sound an awful lot like hierarchy, TRSwaggots, and as we all know, Hierarchy = Inequality and inequality is bad and you should feel bad. And of course Congress and/or the FCC will have to do something about those unfair price differentials. Meaning, most likely, that rates will inevitably rise while speeds will at best stagnate, if not fall.

I hate to sound like a libertyfag, but that is how the USFEDGOV ‘regulates’ a hi-tech industry it barely understands. That is how it addresses inequality. It chops the big guys down to size so we all can share in the misery that is equality. Soon we’ll all be Facebooking over dialup and screaming “CRUSH THE URBANITE!”

Now, the second bullet I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about.  Oy vey, your preferred mode of Electric Jew consumption may be interrupted/slowed down slightly. Woe is you. Our own Duke Godwin had a bit to say about it, however:

The root idea is good. The thing that came up last year was a deliberate attempt to rent-seek revenue from companies making billions when they were only making millions. It’s quite surprising that leftists gave any fucks tbh.

If their nightmare scenario came true and ISP X started blocking or throttling Site Y then people would just start using VPNs and derp problem non-existent. Companies knew this, that’s why they didn’t push it when they realized the EFF had suckered the left into fighting against their relatively not-a-big-deal regulation change.

It sounded like a really big deal to leftists because the ancient code of internet was being threatened, but if you fuck with certain kinds of packets on an IP network 1,000,000 nerds notice and develop 15 workarounds faster than your 20 engineers can keep up with patching 5.

It wasn’t bad or good. Like I said, it wouldn’t have really made a difference to 99% of users and the 1% they would stifle would have workarounds in no time. Their hope was to be able to rent-seek from Netflix and Facebook for being so damn profitable.

I like that. It sort of waves the problem away. Nerds are smarter than Congress or the FCC. Corporations understand the bad press they’d earn by getting caught rent-seeking. However. With today’s FCC decision, they have essentially decreed that the internet* is a public utility* subject to Federal Regulation. That is an all new concept. Until today, the web was the quintessential example of unregulated, unfiltered speech and expression (which in this climate, is good for people like us). Coupled with news, for example, that the Federal Election Commission wants to regulate political blogs during election season, and my Ebola Fever sense starts to twitch a bit.

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