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In recent years, I’ve gradually lost interest in LARPy policy arguments. 2010 was a turning point for me. All the liberals I knew were clearly arguing in favor of some imaginary health care reform that had at best a tenuous relationship to what Harry Reid planned to inflict on us. Meanwhile, conservatives were arguing for policy that had exactly 0% chance of passing. What we got was a dildo straight in the pooper, and all our LARPing on all sides had exactly jack diddly crap to do with the outcome.

"They fell for it, Nancy!"
“They fell for it, Nancy!”
The usual proposed alternative to LARPing is compromise. The idea is that if we meet the left, they might replace the double dragon dildo with a smaller, smoother model, and may even let us lube up first. This, however, is a fool’s errand, as we all know the next compromise will simply a bigger, rougher, drier ravaging.

Now, conservatives have won major victories in the last couple decades on things like home schooling, the income tax, gun rights, and regulations on abortion. So it is clear that the Overton Window can in fact be moved rightward. As the alt-right grows and becomes a nontrivial influence in the Republican Party, what kind of policy should we support?

The correct thing to do is support the most viable policies, positions, and politicians that provoke the most outrage and butthurt among the left. A crying, screaming, raging mess of a human being is intrinsically repulsive to the median voter. The more repulsive the left becomes, the more attractive rebellion against them becomes, the harder it becomes for them to win election, the easier it is to ignore their howls of protest as we destroy their institutions. No one likes crybabies.

What we want is for the general public to regard liberals as disgusting, traitorous crybabies who utterly lack self-control and hate their country. This should not be terribly hard, as liberals actually are disgusting, embarrassing crybabies who utterly lack self-control and hate their country. One only need read Gawker, XOJane, or the Huffington Post for about twenty minutes to observe what nauseating people liberals truly are.

Remember, we’re talking about people who are okay with mass child rape so long as the rapists are Muslims.

This can result in supporting what would otherwise be counterintuitive policy.  A small marginal cut to a welfare program or a university budget may seem too trivial to fight over, and in the past Republicans rolled over on these fights. I am asserting that these are the most important fights to win, because they make Democrats look bad. The Democrat-driven shutdown over cuts to Planned Parenthood was followed by a historic Republican sweep in 2014. Freaking out because Bruce Rauner won’t pretend money can be pulled out of unicorn butts isn’t winning them friends in Illinois. Losing their goddamned minds because Scott Walker said state employees shouldn’t be forced to join a union has only solidified Republican control.

I have always said that the road to reaction starts with refusing to compromise with the left on anything. We don’t just want the most right-wing candidate to win. We want the left to lose its legitimacy, and for that, we’re going to need their help.

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