Fugly Aussie Totally Challenges Traditional Gender Identities (LOL, JK)

Source: Have A Gay Day/Minus18

You’re Trans? What are you looking at? LOL
Not gonna lie, I was more confused than triggered at this picture. Hell, I’m still bewildered. It’s like viewing one of those silly modern “art” exhibits, except this one breathes and has a profile on grindr.

From what I gather, this unfortunate-looking poofter is making a satirical swipe at modern society’s oppressive cultural mores and standards. This is because in our day and age, “oppression” is less about gulags and death squads, and more about normal people expressing discomfort or disgust at cross-eyed maginas prancing about in hideous floral dresses.

I suppose when your brain is so fucked that you can look at your penis and see a vagina, confusion will suffice as society’s privilege being checked. Ha! How does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot, shitlord? Score one for the good guys/girls/neutrois/otherkin/two-spirited/yodas. #samelove #somuchthis #fckh8

…Except “cis” is a tumblr neologism, and is not a distinction most people are aware of. John Q. Public will have no idea what Tranny Ted Mosby is trying to convey, here.

This is of course because the sign-holding freak and its organization has no real interest in a dialogue with society. These types stopped having any meaningful interaction with humanity the moment they decided to embrace whatever combination of chemical imbalance or subcultural poison produces a tranny. Minus18’s picture belies a person and a group that chooses to be completely alienated from society.

The modern progressive sees such an alienated clique of freaks and feels an urge to convince society to compromise with them. Which is both impossible and stupid, and would either destroy society or the sub-group’s identity (or both). Of course, such an impossible idea is itself a roundabout means to status-signal. The narcissism of the Left reaches Inception levels sometimes.

I submit that in light of what we know of the true intent behind this picture, the following picture will suffice as an argument: