Bulbasaur to Tackle Roman Pontiff's Environmental Encyclical in March

It is predicted that sometime next month Pope Francis, a man seen by millions as the spiritual head of an infallible and visible body of Christ on Earth, will share his weighty opinion… On some leftist junk science.

The following comes from Catholic.org.

The encyclical will have one definite impact in the United States – it will chagrin conservatives in the U.S. who generally believe that global warming is a hoax.

Pope Francis, and the Church itself, defy political labels. The Church is far higher than any political persuasion and is concerned with Truth, not political preferences.

The publication will be a reminder to American political conservatives that Pope Francis defies all attempt to label him as one thing or another. He is neither conservative, nor liberal, but he is Catholic.

I feel comfortable asserting that this encyclical will in no way frustrate attempts to label the rather obvious political leanings of Pope Francis.

The only people who will have any problem defining the pontiff’s opinions will be Catholics. In particular, those poor souls who stubbornly hold on to conservative or traditional views, views that seem to be ignored (the Catholic church has never changed its teachings in two thousand years!) or outright discarded when convenient.* I know that feel, bro.*

I have to respond to that posturing about “higher than any political persuasion.” I get really steamed at the patent bullshit of Catholics asserting that their church “defies” labels and “is neither left or right” (from Peter Kreeft’s “Catholic Christianity).

We live in a world where, more and more, to be on the left side of the fence is to oppose everything Christianity and Western Civilization stands for. That this is a fact simply can not be denied. Claiming to be above such pivotal distinctions is not only itself a political persuasion, but it makes the supposed bulwark of truth and faith look lazy and shitty, and not that faithful or truthful.

While certainly not the only reason, this sort of posturing found among pop Catholics and their apologists had a lot to do with my swimming back to the Protestant side of the Tiber River. I’ll take my chances with the rebels and anarchists that nevertheless seem more interested in doctrinal unity and not speaking with such an obvious forked tongue.


…While the actual climate refuses to cooperate with climate change models and their dire predictions, the trends appear unmistakable.

The cause is also beyond doubt. Humans are dumping quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere faster than nature can absorb it, leading to global warming.

The effects predicted by the models aren’t happening, but the cause of the effect is (also?) beyond doubt. I like how the writer operates on the assumption that Man-Made Global Warming is an infallible doctrine. I wonder if this man’s defense of AGW would resemble his defense of Mary’s bodily assumption? Lol jk, I don’t wonder.

The article concludes with some quotes from Francis last October, which gives us a good indication of the tone that will be taken in the encyclical next month.

I really look forward to reading and responding to it. Stay tuned.

“The monopolizing of lands, deforestation, the appropriation of water, inadequate agro-toxics are some of the evils that tear man from the land of his birth. Climate change, the loss of biodiversity and deforestation are already showing their devastating effects in the great cataclysms we witness.”