Yes, ISIS Burned a Man Alive, But a Spoiled Negro Would Rather You Pay Attention to Him

Source: The Daily Kos

Yesterday, a “respectable negro” (lol organ grinder) at DK posted perhaps one of the most egregiously stupid and narcissistic things I’ve ever read.

Go fuck yourself.
ISIS’s burning alive of Muadh al Kasasbeh has been denounced as an act of savagery, barbarism, and wanton cruelty–one from the “dark ages” and not of the modern world.

American Exceptionalism blinds those who share its gaze to uncomfortable facts and truths about their own country.

For almost a century, the United States practiced a unique cultural ritual that was as least as gruesome as the “medieval” punishments meted out by ISIS against its foes.

Thanks for this totally objective and fair-minded critique, Le Educated Black Man™. For a moment there, I was almost going to criticize the brutality of others without first expressing guilt and shame about something unrelated that happened over six decades ago and hasn’t happened since. Because “progress” involves ritualistic self-flagellation by straight white males and rentseeking by everyone else.

Muh equivocation, muh victim card, muh category error. Me me me.

While religion probably played a part, the lynchings that occurred in the Southern United States between 1882 and 1968 were primarily driven by economics, with a war-scarred and rebuilding agricultural society having to now compete with freed blacks. (MFW one could argue welfare did more to ease racial tensions than Martin Luther King, Jr.)

From the wiki page on US lynchings:

From 1890 to 1908, southern legislatures passed new constitutions and electoral rules to disfranchise most blacks and many poor whites, ending election violence by utterly excluding them from politics. The dominant whites enacted a series of segregation and Jim Crow laws to enforce second-class status against blacks. During this period of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, lynchings reached a peak, reflecting the economic hard times. Lynchings peaked in many areas when it was time to settle accounts with sharecroppers.[2]

The Tuskegee Institute has recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites being lynched between 1882 and 1968, with the annual peak occurring in the 1890s, at a time of economic stress in the South and political suppression.[3]

So in 86 years and across a rather large area of land, 3,446 blacks (and 1,297 whites) were lynched. In comparison: according to Huffpo 1,922 people were killed in Iraq by Isis. In June 2014.

Yeah, maybe not the best comparison dudebro. In comparison even the most vitriolic and rabid racists of the past possessed infinitely more restraint than an IS fighter.

The relatively small number of lynchings is why Mr. DeVega instead used the term “thousands.” The actual numbers are revealing, and devastating to Chaucey’s shallow attack on whitey when objectively considered.

For instance, with a white representation of 27.3%, it appears southern lynching was more racially fair to blacks than the modern justice system. Even more amusing/shocking, studies seem to indicate that blacks are killing each other at a yearly rate comparable to those eighty-six years of southern lynchings (sources: Politifact, CDC).

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, Le Educated Black Man™, but I think one could objectively compare Southern lynchings to ISIS barbarism and still conclude this country is exceptional. Even at whitey’s worst, racism wasn’t killing blacks at anywhere close to the rate IS is slaughtering those who disagree. Even whitey’s worst seems to pale in comparison to the destruction the black community wreaks upon itself today.

Thankfully even at blacky’s worst, despite the blatant and ignorant race-baiting displayed by this not-really-respectable negro, it’s almost guaranteed that Americans will continue to refrain from beheading and burning alive people they disagree with.