SWPL Woman Wears Hijab to Signal Status, Signals Ignorance Instead


I guess the glasses don’t show her face well enough for a close-up pic.

 “Hello! I’m Catholic; I went to Mass today and wore my hijab and handed out these notes to people to raise awareness. My priest even posed for a photo because he loved the idea of unity amongst our faiths.”-Kayte Thomas

I couldn’t find a picture that displayed the message Kayte’s holding clearly, so allow me to translate: Today is an opportunity to show how special I am, and signal my enlightened tolerance. I have fashioned a hijab out of some bourgie-fabric found at Jo-Ann’s. This will really challenge the way you think of stuff. #illridewithyou #wwjd  #blacklivesmatter

First and foremost, I wish I could say I was shocked by the behavior of her priest, that he allowed a member of his flock to make the mass about herself and progressive politics, and not about Christ. Leave it to the Southern Baptist to recognize the blasphemy of this woman’s behavior better than the alter christus in his stupid green robe.

I wish there existed a Roman Catholic magisterium that gave a shit about doctrinal purity, that would defrock or at the very least censure this man for encouraging secular activism in his parish. I also really wish Roman Catholic apologists, when they’re deriding the cultural degradation of Protestantism, would stop and notice all the fingers pointing back at them.

Second, but also very important, what is the purpose of the Hijab? According to la wik, It is meant to be seen as a symbol of modesty, privacy and morality. Is this woman wearing the Hijab, or is her head wrapped with a length of stupid, embroidered cloth?

Usurping a solemn and very important liturgical ceremony is not modest or very moral. Neither is it modest or private to post hippie-hijab selfies on Facebook so you can like, challenge western social mores and get thumbs up from other vapid oxygen thieves.


So at mass and for World Hijab Day, Kayte managed to belittle and cheapen two cultures, traditions, and faiths. Good job.

Hell, she even successfully undermined the leftist narrative here, showing that the evil, oppressive Christian leader is just as cool with reducing Christ to a political statement as some dumb white girl.

I’ve covered this sort of behavior before, but I will continue to write about it. It’s horrible to think about, but I like to horrify my readers. Fact is, when you cut through this shallow “activism,” you will always find one common thread. The only thing that really matters to these people, more than culture, more than politics, more than even God… is themselves.