The Guardian Hates Jews

Nazis show up in the darndest places. The Right Stuff recently had a run-in withbbThe Guardian when inept writer Jason Wilson denied the entire history of the New Left. Instead of responding to TRS in a professional manner he and his friends simply laughed and shrugged off the criticism. Actual philosophical debate isn’t The Guardian’s strong point. Luckily, the far right decided to do Wilson’s work for him when that incident snowballed into a critical debate between Libertarian Alliance’s Keith Preston, Alternative Right’s Duns Scotus, and The Right Stuff’s Michael Enoch about the validity and nature of  the concept of Cultural Marxism. Wilson, of course, hasn’t said a word.

Given such a polarized political climate, who would have guessed that The Guardian contributor Damien Walter would cave in and defer to the expertise of an overt anti-Semite? Walter, a self-described writer of weird and speculative fiction, recently published an article on the 50th anniversary of Frank Herbert’s Dune in The Guardian. In the piece he links to the article, Archeofuturist Fiction:  Frank Herbert’s Dune, Part 1, by far right intellectual Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing.


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Yeah, oops.

I’m guessing that Walter either a) didn’t read Johnson’s article and just did a five second web search for “counter culture and Dune” (in which case he is another example of the oblivious ‘journalism’ done by The Guardian) b) is actually committed to giving equal time to controversial political positions, or  c) he’s part of the secret Nazi Shadow Society at the heart of The Guardian. Of course, given Walter’s desire for greater diversity in science fiction, perhaps he is extending a branch to people of all political persuasions.

Just in case anyone was confused, here’s an excerpt from Johnson’s article on Dune:

Fortunately, French New Right theorist Guillaume Faye has already coined the perfect term for this genre: archeofuturism, which for him is a kind of political philosophy and philosophy of history. But it also captures a unique fictional genre which just so happens to be close to the hearts of many on the far Right, Old and New. (Faye himself ends his book Archeofuturism with a novella depicting the system he advocates.)

Now that’s a commitment to intellectual diversity! For what it’s worth, Faye is not an anti-Semite but his theories are a staple of Counter-Currents, which regularly publishes articles on the Jewish subversion of Western society. Hats off to Mr. Walter and The Guardian, we’re glad to have you on our team!

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