Underestimating the Enemy


Summary: Olavsson makes the case that by fighting against the islamization of Europe, we are becoming pawns of the liberal illuminati.

The response I have to make toward this is a little more difficult than I expected it to be. My first impression was that he was taking the typical “defend kebab” approach, I am relieved it wasn’t that, and I honestly agree with some of the points he makes. While Olavsson defends his position as strictly against open immigration, he also maintains a kind of nihilism towards his own people, that he seems to believe can be filled by Islam, since he himself doesn’t offer an alternative filler, In his own words:

“I still have to say, in all sincerity, that I have much more respect for Islam in its more refined forms than I do for the reigning values in contemporary European civilization, which has lost its spiritual centre that was Christendom, leaving behind only a black vacuum of infinite capacity for filling up itself with ever new expressions of the greatest degeneracy and impurity.”

He follows this with a conspiracy theory that the United States is pushing the anti-islam movement (if we are, God bless America) to continue an aggressive foreign policy in the middle east. Which he provided no evidence or examle of, and went on to complain that Christians were upset about the Hebdo case.

This is a case of over reaction. While I carefully concede to several of his points, he seems to misunderstand the actual nature of this issue. Islam will not help fight the multicultural agenda, they feed off of it. The immigrants are not mere pawns, they have an agenda of their own.

Mr. Olavsson is so fueled by his contempt for modernity that all he can muster is self hatred. He apparently can’t see the value of a country that doesn’t kill people for what they have to say. Yes, a Christian CAN be upset about the Hebdo murders, and invoking the middle ages doesn’t change the fact that burning people at a stake is unchristian.

For some reason he stands by the idea that the Islam that killed those men is not “true” islam, but a political corruption of it (bullshit) yet the Christianity that lit people on fire was supposedly true Christianity.

Cool story, bro.

Regardless of some of his funny ideas, there’s a reason why I’m writing a response: don’t be like this man. Like every feminist blaming her monthly on rape culture and patriarchy, and like every socialist blaming income inequality on the 1% he has fallen into a narrative that blinds him from the reality of death, rape, disrespect and violence and he cannot put it down. Even when Isaiah 1:7 is happening outside, all he can think about is the narrative. He sees some of his peers standing up for freedom of speech (as they should) and reacting to the deaths of “the enemy”and he sees this as a threat to his worldview.

While not directly defending kebab, he is indirectly standing up for them with his emo outlook on his own land and folk. And he is supporting them by ignoring them. We cannot be so focused on the road ahead that we miss the bus careening at us from the right.

And we cannot save our countries if we do not love them.

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"You think the Racism is your ally, but you merely adopted the Racism. I was born in it, molded by it. I did not see Tolerance until I was a man."