Keeping It Vibrant In Britainistan

While feminists on our side of the Atlantic are bitching about horribly oppressive practices like ‘manteruppting’, our progressive family in Great Britain is once again conveniently ignoring the actual oppression of females when it clashes with their multicultural narrative. From the country that has more of its muslim “citizens” fighting for ISIS than for its own military, a Pakistani child rape factory, and a soldier decapitated in broad daylight, comes this fantastic news:

Just let that sink in for a moment.

Last November there was an average of sixteen cases of female genital mutilation identified each day. That’s just in one month. Oh, and there is only one prosecution. I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time figuring out why all of this is happening. It’s really puzzling to me. It’s almost like it has something to do with the religious, ethnic, and national background of some of the patients and their families. That can’t be.

From the comment section:

Indeed, what can they do?

It’s not like Great Britain could, you know, stop third world barbarians from immigrating into their society. It’s not like they could teach Muslims not to rape, decapitate, or mutilate female genitals, because that would be racist or something. Seeing as they have a hard enough time dealing with English government officials who rape and often murder their own kind, it’s not surprising that the government officials wouldn’t give two fucks about a bunch of girls from the third world. All that matters is the narrative of a culturally enriched society. As progressive as America is, at least this isn’t happening on our shores (or is it?).

Once again Great Britain stands out as a horrifying example of what will happen when leftists take over a first world government. It’s not about protecting actual lives, it’s not about the alleged benefits of diversity, it’s about an intellectual caste signaling their moral superiority by intentionally undermining white Western civilization to make themselves feel better.

Oswald Mosley

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For the purrrrrity of the race.