More Adventures in Pedophile Mainstreaming

It’s been an eventful year and a half for pedophiles and their apologists everywhere. We had Lena Dunham admit to seducing her toddler sister to the applause of many liberal defenders, fans cheered on left-libertarian (aren’t they all?) Brad Spangler after he openly admitted to molesting his own daughter and possessing child porn, and of course some suspicious and respected individuals (hint) have tried to claim that pedophilia is a mere sexual preference. Are these incidents of cheerleading for chimos just isolated anomalies? Well, it would be a shame not to cover a particular under-the-radar story that was transmitted out of several cells of pedophilia mainstreaming. NAMBLA and 8Chan? No, try popular liberal media sources.

This fiddler adventure revolves around the harrowing tale of an admitted pedophile brought to us this last August by former actor and Upworthy (read: oven-worthy) writer Adam Mordecai.

How you hack the care/harm moral axis

Great advice, I personally blasted it at full volume in a daycare parking lot. I'm progressive like that. Adam links us to an interview conducted by Luke Malone over at NPR's This American Life, hosted by the "understanding" Ira Glass. Malone speaks to an unidentified young adult who disturbingly enough happens to go by the pseudonym of Adam. To avoid confusion we’ll just call him Adam the Pedo so as not to wrongfully tar reputations.

Adam the Pedo is a self-admitted child lover who began to grow an intense sexual attraction to the younger types in his early teen years. As he grew older the fascination never subsided and after delving into the horrifying world of child pornography he finally snapped and decided to create an anonymous self-help group for like-minded individuals. He contacted reporter Luke Malone, who then brought him on board to confront him.

The interview is not a light listen, although nothing is overly graphic. For those interested in a more in-depth discussion, Mr. Mordecai links us to Luke Malone’s written article on the subject in case you needed the gruesome details. At least give Adam the Pedo credit for recognizing the horror of his own perversion:

“It is why the video of the toddler, out of everything he’d seen, rattled him. There was no denying that the boy was being debased. The bound child was wailing as the man defecated on him, though his cries were soon replaced with choking splutters as his abuser began urinating in his mouth. “I wanted to reach through the computer screen and kill the person,” Adam said. “I was just so horrified at what I saw.”

Well isn’t that lovely? Adam the Pedo is doing his part to stop rape culture by refusing to watch the child torture porn he just found. Now that’s actually worthy of admiration. Listen shitlord, unless you happen to be a psychologist it’s not your place to decide if pedophilia is a real mental illness as such a thing is typically only defined as such if it causes psychological suffering and/or hinders the ability of the patient. Of course pedophiles don’t suffer from their specific desires anymore than homosexuals do, so it’s easy to make the case that it’s not a mental disorder in the traditional sense, if even at all. That must be why the American Psychiatric Association mysteriously designated pedophilia as a sexual orientation rather than a disorder in 2013, only to later retract this assignment after a couple folks noticed. Oops, things like that just happen, but it’s not up to you to make that decision.

Appeals to authority aside, the whole issue of whether pedophiles are actually mentally ill is neither here nor there as the vast majority of pedophiles are in fact psychopaths, individuals who are typically clinically sane but lack empathy or remorse. Since lying and deception are a common trait among these types, it’s really not surprising that they would lie about their intentions not to harm children. That Adam the Pedo and his type recognize their dysfunction and feel guilt is a ray of hope that these individuals can be humanely treated or contained before they harm children. We don’t need to fire up the ovens just yet. All of this, of course, is entirely beside the point because there is something amiss.

Something Amiss

It would be easy to dispassionately listen to this podcast, read the interview, and acknowledge that pedophiles are human beings too. Again, it’s admirable that people like Adam The Pedo seem genuinely sincere and are doing something to stop themselves before it’s too late. It would be easy to just accept this as another interest piece by NPR and marvel at how fascinating, brave, and bold it was.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Beneath the veneer of scientific inquiry and genuine concern for helping the mentally ill is a more insidious form of cultural subversion.

Subversively subverting subversion

Since gay marriage and trans rights weren’t triggering enough for those backwater Bible-clutchin’, gun-lovin’ old white folks, pedophilia is the next taboo to be deconstructed.

Well, for context, this has been going on for awhile but it’s only now making a u-turn back into the public discourse. In 1977, a petition was brought before French parliament calling for the abolition of age-of-consent laws (the age of consent in France is 15). It was signed by a number of prominent French intellectuals including our favorite gay leftist, sadomasochist, AIDS victim, and good goy Michel Foucault (who stated on his death bed, “Besides, to die for the love of boys: What could be more beautiful?”), existential Stalinists Jean-Paul Sartre and Simon de Beauvoir,  André Glucksmann (echo, echo), Roland Barthes, queer theorist and teacher-fucker Guy Hocquenghem, deconstructionist Jacques Derrida (can you taste the bagels yet?) and a host of others.

As an interesting side note, Mr. Hocquenghem got slammed by French essayist Alain Finkielkraut for daring to compare the suffering of homosexuals oppressed and murdered by the Nazis to the suffering of the 6 trillion Chosen Ones murdered by the same people. I guess he didn’t get the briefing.

Despite what some Greco-Roman fetishists and Islamist cucks on the Alt-Right might think, the mainstreaming of pedophilia from taboo mental disorder to a sexual preference among others is not a return to some delusional esoteric Socratic pederasty, Samurai warrior grooming, or the return of the Germanic Männerbund with shirtless blond boys dancing around Arno Breker statues. It’s the mainstreaming of a maladaptive mental affliction for the purpose of undermining and destroying Western Civilization. Just like the political left didn’t give a damn about homosexuality and generally saw it as an aristocratic and bourgeois perversion up until they saw the subversive potential of gays during the Russian Revolution and the Stonewall Riots, the modern left likewise sees the subversive potential of mainstreaming pedophilia as the next civil rights crusade.

What was once thought to be the hysterical slippery slope argument of idiotic conservatives is gradually becoming the next great liberation movement. You can guarantee there will be articles pointing out the hypocrisy of the white Christians denouncing fiddling while they feel up little Joey the altar boy or have a few drunk late nights with their own daughters. It will undoubtedly be framed as a result of the repressed erotic desires of well adjusted white people that can only be cured through sexual liberation and a few years of Tumblr. Meanwhile, your eyes will likely be averted from the rampant pedophilia common among some other ethnic and religious groups. Whatever the outcome, expect to see more adventures in pedophile mainstreaming.

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