Left-Libertarian Admits to Sexually Abusing Daughter, Insanity Ensues

Addendum: I was acquainted with Spangler in 2011, when he would have been considered ancap. I have changed the title of this article from “anarcho-capitalist” to “left-libertarian,” to more-correctly reflect his current political affiliation.

Sincere Warning: What follows is a serious confession of aberrant and vile human behavior. I advise my readers not to read the following article in too negative a frame of mind.

Things like this make me seriously question things like laws and human rights.


Source: Facebook

I’m sure most of our regular readers will recognize the name. For those who don’t: Brad Spangler is a relatively well-known anarchist personality. He works at a pizza place, is way too old (40s?) to be working such a menial job, has written several shitty articles for C4SS, and is renowned for having a rather disgusting interest in young women.

In Spangler’s case, protecting the innocent takes a back seat to 11 years of bad anarchist writings and pizza delivery.
Jonathan Haidt would likely find Spangler’s confession and the reactions fascinating. I must admit, when I am able to subdue my primal rage responses I find it diabolically interesting as well.

So let’s take a closer look.

I already warned you.

During a particularly bad period in 2004, I molested my young daughter. I did not do so forcibly, but the betrayal of trust and resulting potential emotional fallout for her has weighed heavily on my conscience ever since, to the point of doubting my sanity and refusing to believe I had, or even could have, done such a thing. (Emphasis mine)

“Due to extenuating circumstances (it’s someone else’s fault) I did something horrible, to my own flesh and blood. I betrayed that person’s trust and undermined the very foundation of her psyche… but I did it with some physical consideration.”

“Me, me, me.”

While I believe justice ought to be handled as a matter of restitution to the victim rather than punishment, my declining physical health, apparently from myotonic dystrophy, means I probably don’t have many years left to live in which attempts could be made at restitution. With the laptop going in for warranty exchange, worries about discovery of which web sites I had visited and further questions that might raise convinced me that facing the currently dominant accountability process, regardless of what’s right or wrong with it, is the best thing I can do for my daughter.

Nice of Brad to decide that justice matters eleven years after the fact.

This is a guy that has for over a decade shown no interest in improving himself and his potential to provide material restitution. Here he suggests that restitution has been a priority. What patent bullshit.

Here is where I’m supposed to snort derisively, but I cannot into mirth right now.

Brad continues by mentioning the unusual circumstances surrounding some asshole’s death because ideological priorities. He finally concludes with a whimper, stating his fat, pathetic ass will sit at a nearby McDonalds until police pick him up.

One hour later Spangler updated his profile pic to a more brooding picture. As of this posting nothing else has been heard from him.


Allow me to translate for those too far up their ass to understand even sub-human action.

This piece of garbage realized there was a possibility the people cleaning his laptop would have a conscience when child porn was discovered on the drive. This, coupled with Brad’s perpetual angst at being incapable of doing anything of merit with his life, brought out a confession of the event that is very likely at the heart of his disgusting existence.

This doesn’t do a lot to argue against the idea that left-leaning libertarians and anarchists are not the most socially or psychologically adjusted. This doesn’t improve my overall opinion of C4SS, and I’m honestly surprised to find that my opinion of that group has actually gone lower.

I have zero sympathy for Spangler.

The comments and reactions are as much of a dumpster fire as one would expect. Some applauded Brad’s courage. Most condemned him.

I want to focus on two commenters in particular.


This fellow was known at one time as “Storm T. Agorist.” He is quite literally a piece of shit. I am convinced that he is semi-sentient fecal matter. Later on in the thread he winds up trying to defend Brad’s actions. This man is pretty vile. I’d sacrifice quite a few of my freedoms to see this guy killed by a predator drone.


This fellow is also known to me. In the past he has argued in favor of more vulgar libertarian social mores. It is good to see him responding to Brad’s confession this way.

Voluntarists and agorists did a lot to turn me away from anarchist ideology in the past. I imagine that there will be a few people who will be shaken to see what happens when extreme anarchist “morality” is in full display, and not a detached argument by “statists.” I hope some people will reflect on their association with Spangler: like attracts like.

I am not all that hopeful this monster actually went through with his surrender to police. However I am hopeful that this event will lead to Brad Spangler actually doing something beneficial for society: turning people away from meaningless and in this case destructive anti-social ideology and towards more socially acceptable and individually beneficial behavior.