Making Light of Greatness; Postmodern Self-Flagellation

A while ago, I came across an “article” of sorts in which some worthless, smug-faced hipster faggot mocked what he referred to as “the sad white astronaut” trope commonly found in science fiction movies. Oh, you mean that trope where people who are lost in the great unknown fighting for the good of humanity have the cognitive capacity to understand how alienating and terrifying that is? Sounds hysterical.

I never knew sacrificing everything to save the world from mass extinction could be so funny!
I’m really enlightened and grown up, making light of the mere concept of inner turmoil!
Let’s get something straight here, this isn’t about mocking science fiction, as this effeminate little tumblrite probably spends hours a day writing Doctor Who fan fiction, or simply mocking accomplishment itself. This is about harboring guilt for the accomplishments of Whitey, because Whitey gets shit done like no other group can. As we already know, this fact gives liberals sad feelz for killing The Narrative, and nothing quite says master race like being able to transcend outer-fucking-space.

I guess you're welcome to tag along, brats.
I guess you’re welcome to tag along, brats.
Rather than going the Al Sharpton route of claiming that while Africa was inventing astronomy and physics, the Greeks were sitting around clueless and illiterate, too preoccupied with jerking each other off, our friend here chose the slightly less ridiculous tactic of diminishing and ridiculing all that we’ve done for the world.

Unfortunately, today we see all too often Westerners succumbing to this poisonous idea. It’s the same sentiment that drives hippies to die of measles, tetanus, and the like while searching for themselves in India and refusing to get vaccinated. It’s the same sentiment that causes the deaths of millions by banning DDT because “I won’t be a part of your corporate fascist mind control games for profit, maaan.”

Whether its GMOs or emotional films about astronauts conquering the final frontier, it’s simply bad because Whitey does it.

You know for someone who’s no doubt having a hissy fit about Ted Cruz being appointed overseer of NASA right now, he sure likes to make fun of people actualizing in space.
Tyler no doubt threw a hissy fit about Ted Cruz being appointed overseer of NASA. ROFL.
Westerners, I’m begging you—stop apologizing for our people’s success at exploring, overcoming, and thriving. Quit demonizing and belittling the accomplishments of the fair skinned people that hail from the land we call Europe. Enough with pretending that we haven’t contributed more to this world than any other race. It is not your duty to assuage others’ feelings of inferiority; you have already given the world more than it can ever repay you for. Vaccines, quantum mechanics, rocket ships, classical music, Renaissance paintings, the decimation of poverty and the great leaps in overall standards of living, iPhones, the wheel, mayonnaise—everything.

Instead, we should put the arguments of people like Tyler in perspective. Here is a white boy writing against whiteness in a language that wouldn’t exist… Involving an art medium that wouldn’t exist… About a plot that wouldn’t exist… On a platform that wouldn’t exist… With the help of technology (including his faggoty glasses) that also wouldn’t exist… Without whites.

To be part of the West is to part of a big deal. And that big deal lacks prognathism, swarthy skin and kinky hair. Don’t let any hypocritical, status-signalling betacuck with bitch glasses convince you otherwise.