"The Patriarchy" doesn't get Muslims... Or anything for that matter

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Read the full post linked above at your own risk.

I’ll forego the snarky introduction for this one. Let’s get down to responding to quotes from this author’s “traditional” abandonment of his people and culture.

Westerners don’t “get” Muslims. We’re descended from the barbarian tribes (Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Franks, Visigoths, Vandals, etc) that destroyed the western Roman empire, we have a tendency to reflexively hate and attack that which we don’t understand.

Westerners just don't understand.

Westerners just don’t understand.
Modern, cosmopolitan Western Civilization is descended from and influenced by barbarians at some point in the past. This means that Westerns are probably not going to be very understanding of a foreign culture and faith that is commanded to submit the world.

No, that’s seriously the premise. OH BOY.

We have only just begun. We will soon discover that the author intends to argue that the best way to combat the modern corruption of the West’s altruism towards outgroups… Is to have more altruism when it comes to a particular outgroup.


I think they understand the West in a way most of us can’t fathom Muslims. In fact, I’d say that your average Muslim understands what is happening in the West far better than your average Westerner.

We’ve become so brainwashed by professional liars, so distracted by frivolous pleasures and an ease of existence which our ancestors never knew that we’ve totally lost touch with those elements of life that make life really worthwhile.

Exactly, the Muslim understands that even “far-right” Westerners have an annoying habit of planting their head firmly up their own ass.

“Brainwashed” involves seeing your society and your people as a chapter in a history book, and not as something that has been built upon over time. As something that lives and breathes, that grows and changes. What is “out of touch” is not recognizing how much that society you want to condemn reflects on you.

Fact is, the efforts of our ancestors led to the creation of these comforts, this social dynamism and potential for greatness. They built a world where practically any man can dabble in ideas and hobbies that at one time were frivolities for the minority. They sacrificed much to give us this world, our history is replete with wars and revolutions and martyrs…

…And this author would rather spit on it to play footsie with Muhammad and his head-chopping step team.

Muh brave stand against degeneracy!
Muh brave stand against degeneracy!

Our marriages are either not happening or failing at a staggering rate. Fatherlessness is astronomical (particularly in Black American culture), while fertility rates are in the toilet. Crime is rampant, and the nature of crime itself has gotten uglier. Hollywood has stretched the macabre elements of the human psyche and as a result, things that would have abhorred our great-grandparents are quite mundane to our children.

Crime is at an all-time low, and is decreasing everywhere that maintains “good schools” (code word). Even in more vibrant areas we have seen overall crime decrease. Marriage and family life among middle class whites are stable and healthy (although birth rates are low). Hollywood produces such macabre and degenerate movies as “Big Hero 6″ and “Frozen,” with it’s explosions and Jewish snowmen undermining our collective Huhwhyte consciousness and giving us over to the Ruinous Powers. Please.

From the oldest grandparent to the youngest child, Whites, Arabs, Blacks and Asians forced to live in close proximity suffer from a mass form of cabin-fever, wherein the tangible differences become triggers [sorry, best word for the sentence – OP] for ugly, prejudicial and often violent displays of hatred.

Cities are how civilizations developed beyond nomadic tribalism to begin with, sorry to deflate your stupid Luddite bubble.

“Cabin fever” is how the author spins crime rates as he faps to Islam, but it doesn’t explain the low crime rate found among whites in these urban areas. Of course.

This isn’t how the world was supposed to be. It isn’t how the Almighty created it. It has gotten this way purely from liberal arrogance, scientism and materialism and as Westerners we have to be able to look at what our society has become and acknowledge that it is deeply flawed.

This isn’t more “White guilt”, it is the product of centuries of enlightenment thought, blended more recently with cultural Marxism; a poison designed specifically with the inbuilt weakness and divisions of the multicultural West in mind.

Man who is born of woman is few of days and full of trouble (Job 14:1). The Old Testament doesn’t present a very harmonious existence between the sons of Israel and the sons of Ishmael. Societies have come and societies have gone, all were flawed. The constant factor in all of these things is a fallible man.

Calling our society “deeply flawed” is not particularly compelling, especially in comparison to a culture that produces societies generally of a Third World character and quality.

[Muslims] live in a pre-enlightment cultural state where gender roles are respected, homosexuality is discouraged, homosexual marriage and transvestitism is dangerous for those involved and there isn’t even a shred of cultural guilt over the past and their ancestors. Looking at how we have degenerated in the past 60 years alone, is there really any wonder why they have justified contempt for us? The West is weak. The West isn’t having children. The West is glamourising sexual perversion and every manner of sin. We tolerate criminals and protect pedophiles. We have totally fucking inverted the concept of the good, and replaced it with a hierarchy of evil.

I suppose in Islam gender roles are “respected,” but fact of the matter is I treat my dog better than Sharia tells adherents to treat their women. Sexual perversion is rife in the Muslim world, from bestiality to pederasty. Neither is this degeneracy a modern invention (Ottoman Empire, anyone?).  Western social mores are not to blame for the grooming of all of those little girls in Rotherham: an estimated 90% of the 1.5 million street kids in Pakistan have been sexually assaulted. Let’s not forget that their prophet was a pedophile.

The author is the only one here who has “totally fucking inverted the concept of the good.”

The conclusion of the post is some sort of appeal to be fair and resettle these immigrants, both to maintain the cohesion of the nation and to combat the effects of brain draining the Third World. Which is a funny (read: incoherent) internationalist position for an ostensible nationalist to hold.

Let me conclude by providing my readers a more sober overview of the West and those “traditionalists” who wish to condemn it.

Literacy in the West is almost universal, opportunities are so great that people from around the world will risk life and limb, abandoning their homeland to put down roots here. We enjoy a standard of living that nobility from a century ago could have never imagined. We have access to knowledge that scholars a mere generation past would have killed to possess. We have a hyper-surplus of goods, overindulgence is a prevalent issue, while “starvation” is a state of being that people have expend a lot of effort to attain here.

The “traditionalists” who condemn this world are in reality projecting their relative failings as individuals upon it. They are in the main social outcasts, and their viewpoints reflect this. It is no surprise to learn that many of them were leftists before embracing this Iron Pill, esoteric Evolian mantra. It’s repackaged utopianism that can keep these peasant throwbacks occupied while they piddle away their lives.

These sorts do not want to participate in this society, in spite of it’s innumerable opportunities for achieving self-actualization. Fact is, they would not participate in an Islamic or paganistic, futuristic or primitivist one either. They do not want to exercise agency, and they loathe those who choose to do otherwise. It is important to note that they never have any practical ideas, only criticisms.

This leads me to the final and most damning facet of the LARP-righter: they are postmodern. For all of their feigned opposition to Cultural Marxism and critical theory, all they offer are deconstructions of the society they claim to love. And this is what The Patriarchy is offering with this shitty post.

Fact is, by making these ham-fisted equivocations and gross misrepresentations of both Islam and the West, the author is undermining the very traditions and culture he is claiming to uphold.

I perfectly understand that the only truthful point made here is that <em>YOU</em> loathe us.
I perfectly understand that the only truthful point made here is that YOU loathe us.