Responding to Marc Murphy on religious violence

Update: in the 2nd picture, 5000 people were not killed on 9/11. It was over 6000 non-fatal injuries, 2977 victims and 19 hijackers. -Bulbasaur

Much edge. Wow.
Much edge. Wow.
Man this is some really hard-hitting satire. It really highlights the underlying hypocrisy of mean ole’ whitey thumbing his nose at these oppressed brown people. Like, look in the mirror and stuff.

I’m also impressed at the bravery possessed by Mr. Murphy of the Courier Journal. I mean, it was just this past week some irate Baptists shot up MAD magazine and took hostages at a local World Market. This guy is standing up, speaking truth to power, and it’s a real inspiration and stuff.

Courtesy of fellow contributor Duke Godwin, here is a more balanced comparison.