The Coming Annihilation of European Progressivism

A few days before Christmas, over 17,000 Germans gathered in Dresden to sing Christmas carols in a protest against the Islamization of their country.

In November, UKIP won its second seat in Parliament.

And now, thousands have gathered in Paris to protest the shooting of about a dozen satirists by Muslims.

As it turns out, progressivism is not about progress; it is about demanding progressively asinine policies in order to test people’s faith in the doctrine of equality. Women’s suffrage, desegregation, environmentalism, gay marriage, open borders, and now, pick-your-own-gender policy are all part of this need to escalate the absurdity of the demands in order to test the believer’s faith. God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son is really a paltry request compared to progressive mandates.

“Abraham, you must either sacrifice your son or let your land be overrun by Muslims.” “Okay, God, that’s an easy one.”
The problem, of course, is that reality has this stubborn way of remaining real regardless of what the clerisy says it must be. In this case, Islam has defied our fervent pleading that it be a religion of peace and enlightenment; it has instead remained a religion of war, rape, and barbarism.

The progressive ruling elite can no more turn away from egalitarian dogmatism than the Catholic Church can turn away from the Papacy. To cease to be an egalitarian is to cease to be a progressive, and to shut the door to Islam is to cease to be an egalitarian. Hence, as the main threat to a country’s people increasingly becomes Islam, the existing ruling class will become increasingly irrelevant. The progressive answer to everything is not merely “more government,” it is “more equality.” “More equality” means “more Muslims,” “more handouts for Muslims,” “more bans on criticizing Muslims,” and “less policing of Muslims.” When the problem is Muslims raping and beating your countrywomen, the progressive solution loses its appeal.

”Open your hearts!” --Fredrik Reinfeldt
”Open your hearts!” –Fredrik Reinfeldt, former PM of Sweden
In England, this has reached a revolting apotheosis in the Rotherham/Parliamentary pedophilia scandal. They are of course part of the same thing. For the English progressive, the goal of equality is not merely economic revenge against the hated lower classes as it is in America; revenge for them takes the form of raping their children. I think the degree to which the left has escalated its fanatical hatred of its people is hard to understand for Americans. In the USA, progressives merely try to shut down Wal-Mart and Burger King when they need to assert power over NASCAR-watching, Bud-swilling proles. In Sweden, progressives demand you not complain when Muslims rape and beat your sister. In the UK, they have gone so far as to not only demand you let the Muslims rape your prepubescent daughter, but that you allow the Minister of Health to take a turn with your little boy as well.

This is what progressives believe in. It’s who they are. It’s what they stand for.

Thanks, Tony Blair.
“It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the [Muslim] way of life, and not the other way around.” –David Cameron, 2007.
This spells the end of progressivism because unlike homosexuals and feminists, Muslims do two things they do not:

  1. They breed.
  2. They kill.

The progressive elite has responded to rising Islamic violence and conquest of European cities predictably: they have lashed out at the native population that they see as the real threat to their power. A French gendarme lies dead on the street; the entire European establishment frets that this might make the French dislike Muslims and start voting for parties that represent the interests of the French people rather than their destruction.

Even if the ruling class “wins,” it still loses, as “victory” means displacement of the native population by Arab and African Muslims, and Muslims do not suffer rule by white progressives. This is where progressive religion self-immolates; progressives are driven by faith and creed to ultimately submit themselves to the sword of the executioner for the crime of infidelity. The end game is to cry out the holy creed one last time–“I guess all in all, I wish I wasn’t American,” before submitting to the non-white, non-Western, non-Christian executioner’s blade.

The progressive dream---to die confessing the creed, "I guess all in all, I wish I wasn't American."
A modern progressive living the the dream.
But what we see in Europe is more like what happens when you slowly boil a frog. Oh no, I’m not talking about the old wives’ tale you’re familiar with. See, frogs are cold-blooded animals. This means as the temperature in the pot gradually rises, the frog becomes more and more awake and active. It starts swimming and leaping about with greater and greater vigor, until the temperature gets warm enough, and leaps out of the pot.

The question in Europe is whether the frog will leap out of the pot, or whether the progressive turning up the heat will notice the increasing agitation and crush it with a meat tenderizer. If it is the former, Europe will be bathed in blood as the continent erupts in warfare the likes of which it hasn’t seen since our grandparents were young. The war will be unavoidable, as there are too many Muslims now to simply deport them or tell them to stop practicing Islam without an armed revolt (and as we have seen in France, the Muslims have access to the kind of weapons the peoples of Europe voluntarily threw away). However, this is a war the peoples of Europe will win, as the West is unmatched in effectiveness at warfare. If it is the latter, Europe will avoid war, but only temporarily, for in a couple generations, the governments of Anglostan, Svedistan, Frankistan, and the other countries of the League of Eurabian States will unite in a campaign to purge their lands of the last pockets of native resistance.

Either way, progressivism will be annihilated. But who will do the annihilating?

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