Loyal Only To The Moral High Ground

I’m somewhat entertained by the various digital turds out there from leftish publications trying to condemn Charlie Frog Whatever for being rayciss while also making half hearted attempts at almost condemning the typical Muslims who did the shooting.

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This Salon piece is a good laugh. Her opening line is “It was inevitable that liberals would end up being condemned for the horrific attacks on… Charlie Hedbo…” and doesn’t spend a split second wondering why that could be. It instead rambles on for paragraph after paragraph crying about the mean things Ann Coulter said about anti war Democrats in the aftermath of 9/11. In a bonus doubleplusgood example of desperate liberal wordsmithery, the world “Conservative” is attached to the words “Islam” and “Muslim” more times than it is to Ms Coulter’s name. A very low-rent attempt at repeating a mantra enough times to make it come true, methinks. No matter how  many times you call the warriors for Allah “conservative” and “fundamentalist” or “religious,” you’re just not going to attach these people to your political opponents on the right. No matter how many ham-fisted attempts at drawing cultural parallels between two sets of people who may or may not pray more than once per day, you’re not going to spin American or European Christians onto the same moral plane as ISIS.

See, loyalty isn’t your thing, liberals. It’s all in the work of Jonathan Haidt. You care too much about harm being done to the less fortunate, and not enough about being loyal to who you are and where you come from. You’d let America burn to the ground for the sake of appearing to be on the “right side” of diversity and multiculturalism. Outsiders are inherently less fortunate than members of the in-group, and therefore easily harmed. In fact, you could say they’re harmed simply by being excluded from our lands and culture. You want to right that wrong by bringing them here and giving them access to our infrastructure and institutions, and should said infrastructure and institutions crumble under the weight of the new arrivals, well, fuck it, we deserve it. Better dead than a bigot!

A concept we all here have our minds firmly wrapped around, yet bears repeating, is that multiculturalism and diversity serve absolutely no real purpose to any white person, not even those who want it.  All the benefits are on the muddy side of the table. The only thing  your SWPL pal gets out of it is the chance to pat himself on the back for being so tolerant and forward thinking by supporting it. Diversity is here strictly for the sake of diversity. Sure, it’s super pragmatic and kind of you to lend your moral support to sending brown foreigners through our education system (lowering standards where necessary so they don’t fall behind!), making sure they have access to our superior health care system (even if it means we have to pay for their access via inflated prices on our own care!), and using affirmative action to guarantee some of them will be able to find work (even if it means more qualified white workers can’t!). A warm blast of self validation washes over you every time you scold any would be skeptic who questions your intentions.

And this really is the rub, here. Your intentions. I know that pressed into a corner, you would admit that the availability of dank food is a pretty empty reason for mixing, matching and melting cultures down to nothing. You’d eventually have to either ragequit any discussion (most likely outcome) or admit that our society here, be it in the US or Europe, would not at all be worse off without third world immigrants being a part of it. Trains would still be fine, Ebay would still jack you for 15% of your final sale price, the McDouble would still exist even though the Double Cheeseburger was good enough for everyone.

Elsewhere on the web, the shit tier response is that RELIGION and/or EXTREMISM is to blame here.

The egalitarian disease can’t be eradicated fast or hard enough. I’m tempted to refer to the “mental gymnastics” it takes to make one look at Muslims doing Muslim Violence to draw the above conclusion, but it’s not gymnastics. It’s one fucking bend. It’s as lazy as you can possibly be, intellectually. It’s a cop out. Condemning RELIGION in all its forms is just a way of signaling that you won’t take the effort (or admit that you have) to make the distinction between ONE CERTAIN RELIGION, and that of your forefathers and fellow citizens.

A certain religion tells its adherents to murder in its name, and to lie to non believers whenever it’s necessary. (What exactly is the “moderate” version of those teachings, btw?) This certain religion has an ongoing body count. Most of the armed conflicts around the world are this religion’s adherents not being able to get along with their neighbors.

When these things are pointed out to the disloyal liberal who can’t figure out why everyone is calling them “enablers,” they like to do a few ideological bends and jerks and pleasantly let you know that Muh Crusades, Muh Inquisition and Muh Salem Witch Trials mean that Christendom is without a moral leg to stand on. Now, I’m not going to waste words deconstructing and minimizing these historical events, and show that the liberal is vastly overstating their case. They are, and you can read about that in countless other places. I might not even remind you that in order to try and put Islam and Christianity on a comparable moral plane, they have to go back CENTURIES to even come close to pulling it off.

No, I’m not going to get into that pile of horseshit right now.

I’m simply going to appeal to MY LOYALTY TO THIS CIVILIZATION. Crusades killed a lot of Muslims? GOOD. FUCK ‘EM. The Inquisition? DON CURR. I’m not on a mission to prove that my side, my people, my society is morally superior to anyone else, and certainly not by the average liberal’s standards. Suicide bombings, 9/11, beheadings in London and these recent shootings in France are all happening WITHIN MY LIFETIME and pose a CURRENT THREAT to me and mine. I will defend ME and MINE, even if we don’t have the moral high ground.

The Right Side.
Your SWPL easy-going live and let live attitude towards peoples elsewhere in the world is not always reciprocated. Looking at your own culture and deconstructing its actions with the intent of criticizing its moral failings serves no practical purpose other than SUICIDE at the CIVILIZATIONAL LEVEL.

Put the gun to your head on your own time, on your own dime, and don’t expect me to join you or congratulate you. And shrieking “bigot” in my general direction won’t slow me down any more than it has slowed down Ann Coulter.

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