The Daily Shoah! Episode 14.88 Part 9: Episode Fourteen Haidty Haidt

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The Death Panel imbibe just enough alcohol for a lively discussion on Jonathan Haidt’s writings on morality, politics, and chicken-fucking. Featuring The Shitlord Report and The Merchant Minute.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 5:10 TRS Mailbag
  • 16:40 The 1488 Majority Whip
  • 19:58 Taco vs. Kebab vs. Fried Chicken
  • 27:30 The Shitlord Report with Holly Himmler
  • 35:28 “Spiderman” is a Jewy last name
  • 40:58 Jonathan Haidt: “The Righteous Mind” discussion.
  • 1:09:23 Things Start To Get Jewy
  • 1:29:30 Things Fall Apart
  • 1:31:20 The Merchant Minute With Morrakiu
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