Jack Hunter's Race Cuckoldry



So The Southern Pretender posted something really stupid on the subject of race a few days ago.

From a feigned position of moral enlightenment (I once was blind, but now I see), Jack Hunter wags his finger at the opposition for… Opposing the narrative. Not surprising. I sincerely hope the donor money is worth all of the liberal toilet-licking this man indulges in.

The American “Conservative” thought Jack’s article fit their “new generation” approach perfectly. Again, not surprising. The new generation is bad and should feel bad.

Hunter’s article begins with a rather blatant strawman:

Over the last week, many conservatives seemed to be unified around one narrative: Race or racism had absolutely nothing to do with the Michael Brown and Eric Garner killings, the protesters had simply made it such and this led to the tragic murder of two New York City police officers

Did race have anything to do with protests becoming chimpouts?
Does race have anything to do with protests becoming this?
The conservatives linked above do not dismiss the idea that race or racism may have played a part in these particular cases. The argument being made is that the recent media hype and political “discourse” has caused things to spin out of control. That at the moment there is no possibility of a meaningful racial discussion happening in this country.

Not that things were very good beforehand, but an ideological sellout misrepresenting an entire milieu in the name of Facebook shares won’t do a lot to improve this dialogue.

Hunter continues, brushing off the more recent (read: justified) shooting in Berkely, Missouri and the “senseless” (read: damaging to his argument) rioting that followed.

Many conservatives believe race or racism was never a factor at all in the Brown and Garner cases, or in most of these types of cases. Many insist that the protesters were just making all this stuff up.

Who disagrees with this? Black people.

It is fun to note that in the quote above Jack links to Pat Dollard, who uses the phrase “negro filth” in his URL. Hmm, I guess race is a factor with some of these people, Jack.

Jack then presents some “cool story, bro” polls and statistics on race and crime in the United States. What he doesn’t do is present the data that suggests that a cause and effect relationship exists when it comes to the racial disparity in incarceration. This is data that Sean Last has brought up both here and on his blog in the past. This is data that Jack Hunter, once known for racial realist arguments, conveniently ignores.

The article concludes in melodramatic and “post-racist” fashion, with Jack hoping that his “fellow” right wingers will come to their senses and take the path of least resistance.

But in the past few months since Ferguson erupted, and the last week in particular, it has felt a lot more like conservatives vs. blacks—that the right thinks African Americans don’t have a point, an argument, or even a side worth considering when it comes to these controversies.

I hope I’m wrong.

It’s neat that the only way the Right can think blacks have a side worth considering is to completely eschew the notion that they have a position worth considering. It’s super neat that people want conservatives to not be conservative in the name of conservatism.

It’s super-de-duper neat that a disingenuous, Tom Riddle-looking betacuck like Jack Hunter gets paid by ostensibly conservative sources to stab the entire concept of conserving anything in Western society in the back. Over and over.

I don’t have to hope, Jack. I know you’re wrong.