Libertarians On New Libertarianism 02: Drama And Dildos

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The following article is a collaborative effort between two anons: one primary, one assisting. Of course, for people involved in the discussion groups/websites mentioned, I imagine it won’t be difficult identifying these contributors. I appreciate them writing on the subject knowing this will likely finish off an already burned bridge.

Readers will note a markedly more bitter tone and negative opinion when it comes to the liberty milieu. Keep in mind that one can still hold to libertarian ideas without accepting the current movement’s trajectory.

The Liberty Movement has seen a rapid rise in popularity and exposure these last few years, with student groups such as YAL (Young Americans for Liberty) and SFL (Students For Liberty) springing up like weeds on college campuses around the nation. However most of these “Libertarians” seem to have conflicting narratives, priorities, and values. So one must ask, what then is the Liberty Movement?

It’s dildos.

Gone are the days of discontented conservatives sick to death of the repetition of US politics, back in the glory days of RawPaw. Look at “Liberty” now: supporting degeneracy qua degeneracy, throwing open the doors of our country to the third world, and a host of disgusting egalitarian special snowflakes holding the reigns of power.


For me and many of my colleagues, the Liberty movement represented a conservative form of governing and policy that wasn’t tied-down by the constrictive, “statist,” failed policies of the Republican Party. Despite being a member of my college’s republican debate team, I often butted heads with the more traditional GOP conservatives there. I was inclined to side with them over the opposition, naturally, but the more strict social laws and mores turned me off. My policy had always been “if you’re not bothering anyone, no skin off my nose.” My roommate and I would often argue with others in political debate, presenting the Libertarian position, “conservatism with sense” as we thought of it at the time.

It was Autumn of 2011 that I was brought into the Libertarian sphere. An old friend of mine found out I had become keenly interested in politics, and asked me to join up with fellow like-minded people to write for a blog, Liberty Without Apologies.


The idea was that with left libertarians gaining control of many YAL/SFL chapters and writing blogs, that an unwavering, conservative, sensible voice would be needed to counter that influence.

Turned out even we weren’t safe from the creeping influence that is modern Cultural Marxism Miseanism.

The first several months went great. We accumulated a good number of publications attacking left libertarians and the venom they poured into the collective think tank. Our primary competitor, Thoughts on Liberty (ToL) united us.


With a common enemy, there wasn’t much infighting within our group. Liberty as far as I knew at the time was simply composed of two main camps: right libertarians and left “libertarians.”

However, while this period gave me a deeper appreciation for libertarianism, as time went on I saw many of my peers for what they were. What was once admiration turned to disgust and cynical contempt.

Due to my background as a Republican, I was enthusiastic to be supporting typical republican positions, minus the costly and ineffective foreign policy, war on drugs, and so forth. I delighted in crafting a conservative narrative that would be acceptable to the masses, particularly young people who are incredibly prone to the falsehoods of leftist thinking. But even then there were troubling signs.

Many Libertarians were concerned with ideological purity, and splintered off into an Ancapistan state of mind where anything that wasn’t completely voluntary action and objectively (subjectively) free trade was evil statist tyranny. Libertarians who were moderate or on the fence seemed to buckle under peer pressure and drift leftward.

Even my fellow conservatives had their vices; it really chapped my ass to hear them rail against degeneracy in public or in a blog article, then turn around and boast about doing cocaine and having orgies. For a group so concerned with ideological purity, my fellows were sorely lacking when it came to ideological consistency and individual stability.

Some time later, “Thoughts on Liberty” wound down in activity and traffic, as it became obvious that the writers and staff were a collection of rent seeking harpies, content to do nothing but bash conservative libertarianism while ironically (not so ironically) advocating standard liberal democrat positions.

Without ToL to focus our attention, we drifted. Some people that were part of Liberty Without Apologies (LWA) grew disinterested in politics and stopped participating and contributing. Others, now embracing the mantle of feminism and equality, left to pursue activities with SFL and other dildo organizations.

Worse than any of that though, was the fact that the remaining members of LWA became a group of spineless, nagging ladder-climbers and cuckolds.

Over time the discussion group had included the likes of Congressman Thomas Massie, and the one-time “Southern Avenger,” Jack Hunter. For me personally, that was my downfall. Being one of the more volatile and less-compromising of the group, I was unable to bite my tongue regarding the decline of conservative libertarianism. After a lot of strife within the group, I opted to take my leave.

It wasn’t long after my departure that rumors abounded about me. There were claims that I was a “reactionary fascist” or a “Nazi sympathizer,” and that was why I wasn’t down for the Liberty Movement. (Associating with TRS’s discussion group probably didn’t help your case, anon -Bulb)

Yet the truth is that I cannot stomach a bunch of preening narcissists who won’t practice what they preach (in the case of the right libertarians), or a pack of polyamorous drug addicts who demand that the world coddle them like children.

Do we hear libertarians talking about nitty gritty policy? No, we hear them voicing their desire for pot to be legal, for prostitution to be legal, for “transgender fashion shows” on college campuses. Do some of these ideas have merit or value? Sure. But when it’s the entire focus of our politics and narrative? A more ordered, libertarian society gets written off because it sounds like a pipe dream from a dumb stoner.

Ultimately, it is the complicity of the “right” that chaps my ass and leaves me grinding my teeth. People like Jack Hunter and Jeffrey Tucker, men who shit on their roots and stab as many backs as possible in order to be politically correct and maintain their lifestyle and popularity. People I once considered peers and compatriots in our battle against leftism, now more interested in throwing people under the bus and eschewing ideals for beltway jobs.

This is why Left-Libertarians run the show now: the movement shifted from activism to rent seeking, and the left simply does it better.

Irrelevant rent seeking is the future the movement chose. I will enjoy the show as Libertarianism continues to be diluted into the Democrat Party.