Race and Dildos in Disney's "Frozen"

I had the opportunity over the Christmas holiday to watch the Disney movie Frozen with some of the children in my family. My first impression with the film was to be very pleased with the whiteness of the characters and story. I was happy Disney was getting back to its roots of using Nordic fairy tales for source material. There was of course the the issue of the feminist message of the film that was rather obvious, but that took a backseat to my astonishment at the fact that Disney made no attempt to shoehorn some inappropriate POC characters into the narrative. I suppose they knew that to do so would only call attention to the issue by being absurdly awkward and contrived.

Of course I was not the only one to notice the problematic underrepresentation of POC in the film. Frozen is about a year old now, and I’m sure that hoards of disgruntled tumblrites have been busy hammering away at their keyboards all year, complaining about the lack of representation for POC and reification of white supremacy in the film. SJW “comedian” and Facebook poster Alex Barnett even came up with this heartwarming image as a cultural welfare consolation prize for blacks.

Wow. Really brave.
As far as the feminist message of the film, I wasn’t overly concerned with that. It was rather tame and harmless. Sisterly love is not particularly important or interesting, but neither is it objectionable. The twist that the “act of true love” was not a heteronormative kiss between a man and a woman, but rather one sister sacrificing for the other was innocuous enough. (If you haven’t seen the film, I’m not particularly concerned about spoiling it for you, mmmkay.) There was also the insertion of a “gay family” during the scene at the trading post, where a one second shot reveals that the giant Swede behind the counter has a gay partner in the sauna of all places (because gays love saunas dontcha know). Of course it could also have been his brother or even a Swedish woman I suppose, but I doubt that was the intent. This shouldn’t be surprising given what a large constituency homosexuals are for Disney. At least they kept it isolated to that one small scene that you can miss if you look away for a second. Our own Seventh Son mentioned to me that he had watched the movie about six times with his tikes before he noticed.
Far more interesting to me are the racial politics that followed in the wake of the film. I noticed this was the top comment on the Alex Barnett “Black Elsa” Facebook post:
That’s real freakin’ neato.
What this woman fails to understand is that she is asking for cultural welfare. That’s right, there are no black princesses (save for Tiana from the obviously pandering Frog Prince, which is one of Disney’s least popular offerings, no doubt because the characters are black). There are no black princesses in Disney because, well, because there are no black princesses. The concept of an archetypal European princess is part of our cultural tradition, not theirs. It sucks that POC generally and black people particularly lack the creative intelligence and cultural history to provide them with a mass of compelling characters and icons from which to draw a rich tradition of stories, myths, legends and folktales, but that is not our problem. Nor should we pollute our myths by offering them up as cultural welfare pieces for lesser peoples, arbitrarily switching their race to make others feel better. Oh look, white people made James Bond, Spider-Man, Annie and now Elsa black! You can feel less oppressed now black folks!

This post is also instructive to white people regarding the sort of responses they can expect when they try to present as non-racist. That simply signals blood in the water for SJWs. Try to accommodate demands to be non-racist and you will be attacked with renewed vigor. Calling for a post racial or colorblind society? That is simply to entrench white supremacy! Because when you make those kind of concessions you have indicated that you are a nice juicy target for power-tripping and rent-seeking. Your efforts can never be good enough, because they are not supposed to be good enough. They are supposed to provide an endless stream of new opportunities for SJWs to discover novel forms of racism in your language and thoughts that they can use to try to extract power and resources from you.

So I actually hope that the left keeps pushing this issue hard. I hope that they continue to attack and corner white people that try to console them. I hope they push it to the point that whites get that nothing will ever be good enough, there is no settlement that can be made. If you are white, you are a target and that’s it. There is no way out. There is no way short of killing yourself to be non-racist, so you may as well embrace your own identity.

And as far as the particular ethnic origins of Alex Barnett, well I’m sure that this post will surprise no one at all…

Who knew?

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