Season's Greetings to America's Jews

Dear Jews,

It’s that special time of year again, you know, that time of year when everyone falls all over themselves to ensure every reference to what exactly makes this time of year so special is made exclusively in terms of snow, presents, candy canes, sleighs, and, if we’re feeling a bit daring, Santa Claus. I took my family driving through the park to see the “holiday” light display, and we were delighted to see seasonal lights in the shape of snowflakes, golfing Santa, sleighs on roofs, and boxes with ribbons on them. Then we took a walk downtown, where only one store had failed to get the memo that “festive decorations” should not include, you know…that word.

So I’ve got a request for a seasonal gift from you folks:

Could you please stop?

We all know the reason the cashier can’t say “Merry Christmas,” the store can’t play “O Come All Ye Faithful” over its PA system, and we can’t have a nativity amongst all those lights. It’s because Americans are the sort of people where if a single Jew throws a noisy tantrum, we shut it down to make him happy. And let’s not kid ourselves; every single Christmas display, festival, or music program that has been ruined in the last 50 years all goes back to some petulant Jew acting like a toddler and either filing a lawsuit or just plain throwing a fit.

Look, we’ve made America the nicest country to be a Jew in since…well…since all of human history. And that includes Israel, as our per-capita level of C4-laced Muslim and daily rate of rocket attacks are much, much lower. The most powerful, highest tiers of US society—from the media to the Harvard student body—are disproportionately Jewish, and almost no one in this country minds. How many pogroms have we had? What’s that, zero? Hey, remember that time Americans didn’t burn down a synagogue, take all the area Jews out to a field, and shoot them? We call that period of time “All of our history.” Shoot, American evangelicals probably donate more to Jews in Israel than they do to fellow Christians, who frequently get the short end of the stick from the Israeli government should they have the misfortune of possessing land a Jew wants.

This is a thing! A real thing! What the fuck are you complaining about!
This is a thing! A real thing! So why do you keep complaining!?!?
We let you guys put menorahs in your windows without fear. We let you own and operate all the banks you want. You can go to law school. Open up a deli, and if the sandwiches are big enough, American goyim will line up around the block for some of that sweet, sweet, kosher corned beef. When a couple of Jews get together to make a show about nothing, we tune in, watch every episode, and laugh at your zany, kikey sense of humor. Overall, we’re pretty tolerant of Jews here, and I feel a sense of pride that America’s a pretty good place to be if you have a head for capitalism and manage to refrain from child rape and riots.

No Americans were involved in this picture.
A scene not from America.
So could you stop, you know, trying to ruin it? I get it. We all get it. Jews have this deeply-ingrained culture of needing to undermine the social cohesion of every society they’re in. I guess it’s a defense mechanism, and maybe that made sense in medieval Europe, but it doesn’t make sense here. It doesn’t. It just doesn’t. Think about it. You’re so obsessed with undermining the goyim that after ruining Christmas, you’ve actually moved on to demanding that we move on to mass importation of violent, animalistic desert nomads whose entire social organizing principle is murdering Jews. Do you really not understand how retarded that is? I mean, how do you have above-average IQs and conclude that you’d be safer surrounded by this:

angry muslims
Another scene not from America.
 …than by this?

A scene from America.
Stop being stupid. There aren’t enough of you to protect yourselves if the wider society decides they’d be better off without you. And you know who’s quite comfortable with saying they’re better off without you? Muslims. Yet somehow, left-wing Jewish academics have all decided that yeah, Islam is way better for Jews than the neutered, non-militant form of Christianity practiced in America.

And, you know, people are starting to…you know…notice things. Like, you know that diversity agenda that left-wing, Jewish academics came up with and foisted on everyone, while conveniently forbidding anyone from including Jews in diversity statistics? Well, the mainstream is starting to notice that anything Jews run sure doesn’t have a lot of non-Jews participating. And they’re starting to wonder why it’s okay for 20% of Harvard’s student body to be Jewish, or why it’s okay for the entire management team of a Hollywood studio to be Jewish, but whites have to actively seek out, hire, and give undeserved bonuses to blacks or risk a huge lawsuit. If ethnic cohesion is literally illegal for whites…why is it legal for Jews? No really. The fact that non-Jewish whites are the most underrepresented group at Harvard has now made it into polite conversation. You aren’t going to like it when we apply our American sense of “equal application of the laws” to your ethnic group.

It’s like you came to the one country in the world where no one minds you, no one minds your religion, and shekel-chasing is a way of life for everyone…and you’re working as hard as you can to try and undermine it. Which will make people hate you. And also result in a mass influx of immigrants who hate you.

I’m not sure what your end game is here.

So, could you please stop? Just enjoy being Jewish, doing your Jewish things, having your all-Jew industries and companies, and whatnot, and stop trying to ruin it for the goy. Because the reason you can be Jewish, do your Jewish things, and have your all-Jew industries and companies, and whatnot, is because you’re surrounded by the Jew-friendliest goyim in human history instead of C4-laced kebab.

So please stop. Stop with the cultural Marxism. Stop with the diversity lawsuits. Stop with the tantrums at Christmas time. Stop it.

Your pal,

Hateful Heretic

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