A Native's Perspective On Australian Multiculturalism

The Religion Of Peace™ did what it does best in Sydney on Monday: spreading its unique form of vibrancy to an otherwise dull backwater. By now readers will be aware that an Iranian cleric named Man Monis, decked out in the fashionable jihadi accessories, took over a dozen people as hostages and prompted an eighteen hour siege. This siege eventually ended at 2am, resulting in the terrorist’s death (although sadly not at the end of a rope) and, more importantly, the death of two hostages.

When Australia attracts any attention in ‘alternative right’ circles – which is rarely – it is usually seen as one of the last ungelded Western countries, largely due to our (admittedly awesome) policy of “stop the boats”.

But as much as I hate to break it to our Odin-worshipping compatriots:

1 good policy + many lefty tears over that policy ≠ 1488

Unfortunately, there are just as many dildos here as anywhere else. Monday’s events simply represent a case of Australia’s dildos coming home to roost.

Hundreds of protesters gathered for March in March 2014 in Sydney

The first dildo is our tolerance of kebab. Australia was largely free of such until the mid-1970s, but the numbers have been rapidly growing (in true kebab fashion) in recent decades. Also in true kebab fashion they tend to concentrate in particular areas such as the Sydney suburb of Lakemba.


This has had all of the predictable consequences: gang rapes targeting Anglo women, a shadow system of Sharia law, riots over a retarded Youtube video, and young men traveling to Syria and Iraq so that their 7 year old sons can play with severed heads.

The second, and related, dildo is our willingness to provide citizenship (bringing with it public housing, welfare for life, and the ability to chain-migrate family members) to “refugees”. This was particularly bad from 2008-2013, during which time the uber-cuck Labor government decided to open the door to anyone showing up in a boat and able to tell a sob-story to officials. Naturally, these arrivals, the vast majority of whom were one-or-another flavour of kebab, were also provided with free legal representation. While he did not come on a boat, Monis was granted asylum in Australia in 2001.

The third dildo is the legal system that allowed Monis to be free. Not only was he guilty of sending offensive letters to the families of fallen Australian soldiers, for which he was reprimanded with a ‘good behaviour bond’, but he was also charged as an accessory to the grisly murder of his ex-wife and scores of sexual assaults. In addition, he had professed support for IS and railed against the “terrorism and oppression of (the) USA and its allies” on his Facebook account. A sensible country would not have allowed this man to be free. However, the magistrate overseeing his murder charge granted Monis bail on the grounds that he “did not represent a threat to the public”. While an effort to toughen bail laws is underway, this is already being denounced by the Australian Lawyers Alliance as “misplaced” because “bail laws already undermine fundamental human rights”.

While Australia remains a fantastic place to live – at least for now – the above should make it clear that there is a wide range of problems in desperate need of oven-ing. The only blessing to come from the past few days is that it tells us who should be at the front of the line.


This goes without saying. See Bulbasaur’s post on the subject.

Professional Muslims
Seriously, fuck these people. Rent-seeking off any ‘victimised’ identity is already the lowest form of human activity, let alone when this particular identity seems so eager to extract the blood of infidels wherever it goes. To pull your (many) children out of school like this bitch did with the hollow justification of “I didn’t want anyone to bully them or say any racist comments to them, or push them and shove them” is vomit-inducing. She obviously didn’t get the memo mentioning that the narrative was supposed to emphasise the event bringing Australians together, rather than driving them apart.

The most hilarious message coming from these types, however, was that the attack had no relation whatsoever to Islam, despite the manner in which the culprit was dressed, the Shahada flag displayed in the window, the fact that one of his demands was to be provided with an IS flag, and insistence that his actions constituted an attack upon Australia by IS. According to our most-lauded professional Muslim the flag in the window was “a pretty generic sort of flag”. Why, Moni probably kept it in a broader collection next to a Rainbow flag and a Gadsden flag, and just so happened to pick the flag of jihad on the day. I look forward to these same people insisting, the next time that a mosque is vandalised or a Muslim spoken to rudely in public, that such an incident has nothing whatsoever to do with anti-Islamic sentiment and is simply an isolated act without any broader meaning whatsoever. Lol.


This is Australia’s public broadcaster, well-known for refusing to employ anyone who doesn’t present as a raging cuckold. American readers can imagine it as a combination of NPR and PBS, if those organisations were funded to the point of $1.2 billion annually. With these facts in mind, TRS devotees won’t be surprised to learn that the ABC is dildo as fuck. Just in the last year it has given massive publicity to the claims of Camp of the Saints re-enactors that personnel from the Royal Australian Navy merrily tortured a boatload of “refugees” they had intercepted en route to Australia (spoiler alert: it didn’t happen); leaked state secrets to specifically to embarrass the (moderately-somewhat-almost) conservative government; and generally portrayed our milquetoast Prime Minister as a combination of Uncle Addy and Ebenezer Scrooge.

Unsurprisingly, in the wake of Monday’s attack the ABC could not help furiously masturbating over* #Illridewithyou*, publicising the tweets of some of Australia’s most prestigious dildos. In addition, they went and published this bullshit, expressing the usual concern over a backlash that never happens.

Choice quote:

“I hope the outpouring of support for the Muslim community will define us more than the anti-Islam sentiment that ignited immediately.”

From the evidence offered, this sentiment consisted of a couple of posts on Facebook that is not quoted. The wonderful strategy behind not quoting any of these posts directly is that it can let the fertile SWPL imagination run wild, conjuring up all manner of phantasms they can project upon their benighted countrymen. Rather than radical Islam, the real problem, according to the author, is “our society’s attitude to Muslims, along with its reluctance to confront its own violent tendencies”.

The fact that someone could seriously believe this is one thing, but that such a demented view would be widely publicised by the national broadcaster illustrates just how oven-able the organisation is.