#illridewithyou: Status Signalling More Important Than Cultural Dialogue


Australians took to Twitter shortly after a suspected Iranian-born Islamic extremist captured several hostages at a Sydney cafe.

Sheik Man Haron Monis was a Muslim cleric known for sending hate messages to families of Australian troops killed in battle. He was also rumored to have been out on bail for involvement in his ex-wife’s murder.

Monis went inside a local Sydney bar, took hostages, made them fly a black flag with the Shahada on it, killed two civilians and wounded an officer during the take-down.


And that’s “suspected Islamic extremism.” Heh, okay.

Not to be outdone by their elected officials and media outlets, bourgie Australian citizens took to the internet, shitting up social media with political attention-whoring. A hashtag was created,* #illridewithyou*, giving Australians a chance to creep on foreigners in an enclosed space for social progress.

I'm sure your TARDIS leggings will match the  tashbag ninja costume perfectly.
I’m sure your TARDIS leggings will match the trashbag costume perfectly.
While certainly more physically involving than the recent “die-ins,” this latest work of progressive status signalling leaves me scratching my head. How will sitting next to Sub-Zero on a bus facilitate an open dialogue between radically-different cultures? Does this activism have any interest in exploring why some converts to particularly Sunni Islam become violent savages?

I’m sure we all know the answer. Modern leftism is about choosing appearance over substance. #illstatussignalwithyou would be a more honest appraisal of this sorry situation.

If anything, spoiled white kids pretending to give a shit about the outgroup while actually being more interested in selfies and retweets will likely do more to encourage “suspected” extremism.