Americans Against The Tea Party Conflate Jihad With Conservatism. Of Course.


Woo boy, here is a real gem.

On the right is Reem Riyashi. She was a Palestinian mother of two that suicide bombed the Erez Crossing processing station in 2004. The bombing killed herself and four Israelis. Hamas was heavily criticized for allowing this woman to go through with her desire to meet Allah.

On the left is Holly Fisher, a Virginian military wife and mother of three that made this picture for July 4th, 2014. There was heavy criticism because guns are scawy, and racism or something.

According to AATTP there is literally no difference between these two women, between these religions and cultures. I’ve always heard the best part of Tea Party rallies is when they behead an infidel with an AK bayonet.

It goes without saying that this meme is complete bunkum, for we all know that your typical leftist finds the White American more offensive than the brown terrorist. For the spoiled child demographic, a woman promoting (ugh) Christian and nationalistic values is infinitely more triggering than some mud woman killing herself and some Jews half a planet away.

For the keyboard social justice warrior, pretty women that love America and have the biological father involved in the family is a greater threat to their existence than jihad.