Why You May Be Retarded (Even If You Don't Feel Like It)

Oh Huffpo, we’ll always have something to write about with you around.

This article was written by a white man telling other white people that they’re racist by virtue of existing as white Americans. Let’s go ahead and respond to some choice quotes from this pinnacle of leftist ideological signaling…

“I don’t understand how we not only tolerate, but go to great lengths to make excuses for, a system that disproportionately kills young black men.”

Can you guess which group also disproportionately kills young black men? No? I’ll give you a hint:

intraracial homicide

On the plus side, when it comes to murder they only appear to be half as discriminating as us, seeing as they cross the racial boundary over twice as often as do whites in terms of homicide rate. How progressive.

“And I take (most) people at their word–that they don’t consider themselves racist. But whether you feel like a racist is largely beside the point. If you prop up a system–either actively or passively, through silence–which regularly negatively impacts non-white people, you’re a racist.”

Ah, here we find the schwerpunkt of the article. This is really what the left has always wanted to say. It’s not enough to simply not do racist things, nor is it even enough to honestly not hold any racist opinions. No, you’re still racist, because passively supporting a racist system by not actively fighting it still makes you a racist.

That’s right, men and women of the progressive congregation; you’re no longer saved by grace alone — good works are now required. Except the US isn’t a racist country. In fact it’s one of the least racist countries on Earth.

racist map

Oh how I wish this country was as cool as the left fears it is…

‘That’s why we so often encounter racist statements that begin with “I’m not a racist, but…” –which then go on to use racist placeholders like “thug” or “inner city” or “you people.”‘

Or, “youths.” Let’s not pretend the left doesn’t play this game, too.

“estimates suggest that two African American people per week are gunned down by white police officers.”

Two per week, eh? That’s only a little over one-hundred per year. You do know that blacks kill each other at a rate of about 7000 persons annually, right?  I mean sheeit, 100 is “sad” and all but pick your fucking battles. If you’re 70x more likely to die at the hands at one of your own than by the cops, you ought to be begging the cops to gun more of you down, if anything.

“Feeling strongly that you’re not a racist isn’t enough. Avoiding using overtly racial stereotypes and epithets isn’t enough. Not being “prejudiced” isn’t enough.”

Donating money to black charities isn’t enough. Getting your nuts snipped and adopting African children isn’t enough. Letting Tyrone fuck your wife isn’t enough. We get it; the answer is always that whites are racist, and need to give more to blacks. That will be the answer forever and always until blacks reach white levels of security and standard-of-living — which is a long way of saying that, “whites are racist, and need to give more to blacks,” will be the answer forever and always.

“If you find that you’re continually defending yourself from charges of racism, maybe it’s you who needs to reexamine your relationship to race, and not a demonstrably disproportionately disadvantaged group of folks who need continually to reexamine their relationship to you.”

And what a brilliant note to end on. If you find yourself constantly denying that you’re racist, it’s because you’re racist. It couldn’t possibly be that blacks commit disproportionately high amounts of crime. No, that would be too simple and unpalatable an explanation. It must be some vague systemic bogeyman that sees so many vibrant youths gunned down in their prime. I guess in the end it’s damned if you dindu, damned if you dindon’t.