Wellesley Students Are "Dying" To Signal Status

Source: Facebook

Congratulations, you've politicized the act of taking a nap.
Congratulations, you’ve politicized the act of taking a nap!
Behold, this is what a $60,000/year liberal arts (cultural marxist) education produces: laying around because of like, systemic oppression and stuff. #Sobrave #Ferguson #DentalDams

While I agree that cuddling with your dyke roommate indoors beats the hell out of standing outside in the Massachusetts winter, I’m pretty sure this “protest” fails to achieve anything.

Judging from reactions on social media, it appears people are more annoyed than interested in whatever noble struggle inspired Wellesley’s snuggle session. This “protest” actually appears to have taken attention away from systemic racism, and instead started a dialogue on systemic laziness.

Personally, I am not surprised that these enlightened women have found a way to make “doing nothing” insufferable. Can you really expect anything else from bourgie women majoring in rent-seeking?

The “die-in” is the perfect act of “civil disobedience” for spiritually empty middle to upper-class SWPL. It doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t cost anything, and it gives participants attention. Most importantly, it gives protesters that sweet, sweet feeling of moral superiority. This beats the hell out of having to volunteer for a soup kitchen or risking ebola doing foreign aid work. I mean, why exert effort to help your fellow man in the first place, when you can lay around comfortably and take selfies to protest social inequality?

This is status-signalling at its most convenient, and it is no surprise that spoiled Wellesley students jumped on the bandwagon.