SWPL Daily: LARPing as a 13-Year Old Gay Boy

Source: Elite Daily

LARP: Live Action Role-Playing


Twitter user @paleveil shared photos from her 13-year-old brother’s text conversation with one of his friends, in which he anxiously comes out as gay.

Way to parade your brother around like a trendy handbag. Having some issues coming out, little bro? Let’s make it a status for millions to see forever! Way to value retweets and website attention more than your brother’s personal privacy, lady.

(As an aside, there needs to be a study done on the bizarre and typically abusive relationship that develops between a dominant female and submissive male homosexual.)

You wouldn’t expect this level of maturity and understanding from a 13-year-old boy, making the whole exchange even more touching.

Our faith in humanity — and in the future of mankind — has officially been restored.

You’re right, I wouldn’t expect this level of maturity and understanding from 13-year-old boys. Because it’s a completely unbelievable conversation. Even with the obvious grammar mistakes. Even with our Soviet cat lady education system. Sorry, bro. Maybe invent nicknames next time.

Also, lol at “the future of mankind” being restored by people not procreating. I find myself agreeing for the wrong reasons: feminists and freaks dying off childless is a net eugenic effect.

It’s interesting to note that this isn’t the first time I have responded to an obviously fabricated conversation. It seems that progressive cat ladies have taken to LARPing these sort of “humanity-restoring” conversations, creating modern fairy tales and sharing them as if they’re real.

Particularly in light of Rolling Stone and Lena Dunham, it seems that “making shit up” has become part and parcel of modern progressive identity.