The Daily Shoah! Episode 14.88 Part V: Dyin' for a Loosey.

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Toilet Law talks to us about the recent Grand Jury decisions in NYC and Ferguson, Sean Last tells us about his latest article on Race Realism.

  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 1:52 TRS Mailbag
  • 8:03 Interview: Toilet Law
  • 45:31 Dindu Garner
  • 1:08:39 The Shitlord Report with Kimmy Geobbels
  • 1:11:52 Rolling Stone Rapegate
  • 1:25:00 How To Paint Your Panda with Sean Last
  • 1:42:29 The Merchant Minute with Morrakiu
  • 1:45:25 Flirting with the JQ
  • 1:52:22 We are old, and Vidyagames are for fggtz.
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