No Defending the Death of Eric Garner

I know it’s tempting to get complacent about the deaths of Dindus and assume any time there’s a media case involving police and the colored community it must be liberals willfully misreporting something to advance a predictable cat lady narrative about systemic racism, but the July death of a Basketball American from the efforts of law enforcement officers to arrest him just looks criminally negligent all by itself, shrill bleating about prejudice notwithstanding.

There is misinformation involved in the Eric Garner case such as whether or not he was actually killed by a Super-Lethal Ninja Chokehold, or why the EMT didn’t check a carotid pulse, when she’s clearly doing it in the video. But on the whole, the series of events is an unprofessional clusterfuck even with the inclusion of Garner’s somewhat colorful rapsheet.

This is one Dindu who quite literally may not have done anything.
This is one Dindu who quite literally may not have done anything.
I’m not gonna lie, the video is hard to watch. It involves an obviously agitated black man pleading with police officers that he “dindu nuffin” in regards to an allegation of selling cigarettes, and ends with the cops dogpiling him onto the sidewalk where he slowly asphyxiates over the course of the next several minutes. The visual of a bunch of walking arguments for mandatory steroid testing pinning poor Fat Albert to the ground while he cries that he can’t breathe is especially difficult to sit through, particularly when it’s followed by the now unresponsive suspect laying with his hands handcuffed behind his back in a position totally not likely to cause positional asphyxia or anything.

Regardless of whether or not the proper procedures were followed or if he was quite literally and intentionally choked to death,  the depiction of Law Enforcement Officers standing around fanning their balls while a cuffed Dindu is quite literally dying right next to them is a pretty bitter pill to swallow.

And here we have a textbook public relations disaster...
And here we have a textbook public relations disaster…
It certainly doesn’t help matters when Johnny and Roy finally show up with their antique Ferno cot and the first ditch doctor on scene fumbles around with pulse checks and her own personal heavily accented rendition of ye olde “Sir sir can you hear me?” while appearing to forget that her patient has lungs and an airway that probably needs managing. Log rolling unresponsive patients that might code onto a backboard instead of unceremoniously dumping them halfway onto the dilapidated old stretcher from the 1980s might be a prudent move before you load them into the bandaid buggy, but seeing as how not even so much as a jump bag made it onto the scene, let alone a stethoscope, perhaps that’s expecting a bit much. Seriously, this is one call that won’t ever become an EMT training video, except as a cautionary tale.

It really is hard to watch this entire scene unfold without seriously wondering if everyone involved isn’t guilty of some serious cases of negligence and Duty To Act. Regardless of whether police asses were covered by protocol or not, leaving someone who’s unresponsive, possibly not even breathing handcuffed on their side while waiting for an EMS response (that I desperately hope is explained by some kind of extenuating circumstance like back to back 24 hour shifts when the coffeemaker is broken and your partner’s Adderall prescription ran out) just screams an inconceivable lack of regard for human life.

Whiteknighting for Law Enforcement here is a pretty bad move by any estimation and involves taking a major credibility hit simply for the sake of stubbornly defending a narrative out of plain ol’ political bias. So don’t do that, it’s better to be intellectually honest than shoot your own reputation in the foot for the sake of social approval. The arrest was handled unprofessionally, made everyone involved look like complete amateurs, and definitely caused an unnecessary death, intentional or not.

Remember, we here at TRS aren’t liberal cat ladies, we can admit when something is fucked up.