Taking Context Denial For A Test Drive

Context Denial seems to be a great debate tactic for liberals. I want to try it on for size. This is a work of parody. Any resemblance to other shitty edgelord blogs is unintentional, and hilarious.

Well, the Holiday Season is in full swing, and Lord, do privileged white reactionary authoritarian apologists have a lot to to be thankful for!  For the second time in 2 weeks a Grand Jury has recognized a Hwhite Police Officer’s God-given right to kill an over-sized black male! This time, a New York City grand jury found no reasonable cause to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo, who was caught on video putting dindu Eric Garner in a half-assed headlock which (most likely) unintentionally resulted in one dead dindu nuffin.

Another real American hero.
Normally, as a person who likes to be informed on current goings on and habbenings, I’d go and read a bunch of stuff and find out for myself if a case like this is worth risking my personal reputation on. Celebrating and supporting the Victorious White Race in ridding us of yet another member of the urban scourge that plagues us wherever we go is great and all, but it helps to have the facts to back it up. But I gotta tell ya, I’m kind of worn out from the whole Darren Wilson case. Not to mention all the evergreen issues I’m constantly keeping up on, including the Global Warming hoax, Federal Tax Burden Distribution, etc., etc.

So I think I’m just gonna assume a comfortable narrative regarding this case, and ignore any facts or evidence that may come my way and contradict any of my assumptions.  I’m probably going to make a bunch of shit up too! (Of course I’ll be shifting the burden of proof on YOU to falsify my outlandish claims). I’m not going to read anything other than sensational headlines, if I bother reading anything at all! Fuck it! The Cop was White, You Cannot Indict! Those guys have a hard job, thin blue line, we grant them special powers and the discretion to use them, and that means every now and then a black guy dies. The black guy was probably doing stupid shit and resisting anyways! Good Lord, darkies! You know why you’re so likely to have bad interactions with cops? It’s because you keep committing crimes! You know why your interactions with cops seem to end up being fatal at such a high rate? Because you don’t listen or do what you’re told!

So here’s MY set of evidence on this case. Dindu Nuffins was like, most likely selling crack to junior-high aged white children, and trying to hit on white women at the same time. Officer Pantaleo, who was no doubt AT LEAST 35 feet away, told Dindu to stop it. Dindu at this point, ran the entire 35 feet at the officer, WHO HAD HIS HANDS UP! And then grabbed the officer, resisted arrest, and put the officer’s elbow in a deadly jungle-jaw-neck lock. The officer, obviously fearing for the life of his limb, like, panicked and in total self defense, squeezed his carotid artery until he fell unconscious. And, because large black men like Eric Garner are a dangerous and somewhat cunning breed, the Officer didn’t let go as soon as Garner went limp, for fear that he’d get up and feel the Hulkamania Running Wild all over Staten Island, recuperate, and finish the Officer off.

Garner goes in for the kill. Pantaleo is lucky to still have that forearm!
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  No research necessary, don’t send me links, don’t try to point out any pertinent “facts” or “physical evidence” that seems like it contradicts my special racial narrative’s version of the event.  No way. The Cat Ladies are getting Out-Cat-Ladied this day, my friends.

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