More Data That Is Probably Racist Or Something

Meow Mix sent us a link to the AEI’s summary of the latest annual CBO report on“The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes.”  It tells us what we pretty much already know, that the top income earners in the country pay a shit-ton in taxes. Look at their fancy chart:


I don’t know if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, but I see a helluva lot of poorfags who need to be tossed into ovens. I mean, shit! Forget Romney’s 47%, I’m seeing 60% of income tax filers being subsidized. Paid for existing. Supported by the evil 1%, and probably the Koch Brothers or something. AND IT’S WAY WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT.

Who knew that at an income level of almost $50k you’re getting OVER NINE THOUSAND in free money??!  You can have almost $13K if you make about $30K? So the incentive is to work, just like, don’t be all that good at it? I guess I can sort of fap to that.

Can you fap to it when it's a bar graph?
Can you fap to it when it’s a bar graph?
I’m very fond of the old saw I’ve read time and time again, that “Capitalism is the best way to sort out who is smart and who is poor.”  I can’t really say anybody is looking all that smart here. Maybe, the smart folks are the Democrat politicians whining and fear-mongering about some mysterious “1%” who is stealing everyone’s milk money and hiding it in offshore bank accounts. I mean, if you’re going to base your entire plan for political domination on giving away free money, it’s a good insurance policy to keep the beneficiaries thinking that they’re getting shafted (and that you’re working SEWPER hard to make things right!)


The American Left really has cultivated the perfect position and narrative for itself. They have created a theory of fiscal policy that places no real limit on spending, they have shifted the tax burden heavily onto the nation’s top earners while simultaneously maintaining a media-supported narrative that these same people are not paying their fair share, and are possibly stealing from you, all while being THIS CLOSE to importing a nearly never-ending stream of uneducated dependents to guarantee them future election dominance.  And all the while their opposition stumbles around worrying more about how the hostile partisan media will present them than how to actually, like OPPOSE them. No wonder advocating voting Republican is so controversial in light of their…”tactics” over the years.

Maybe we do need to change strategy here in the TRS ivory tower. Perhaps instead of recording hitlerious comedy bits and voting Republican every now and then, we should just start executing the poorfags. Just a little at a time. Eventually, when there aren’t any of them left, we can use all those tax subsidies on cooler shit. I’m thinking, like, some more awesome wars and what not. But, then we’d need poorfags to send to do the fighting, so, scratch this idea I guess. Maybe we could just execute all the colored poorfags? Would that work, TRSwaggots?  Eh, then we’d still be left with uppity “educated” rich coloreds. That might get kind of annoying. Ok, so, no executing anybody. Dammit. FASCISM IS REALLY HARD.

We’ll just stick to the usual plan: Use the CBO study and all the fancy charts to troll liberal cat ladies in boring Facebook debate groups and drink digital liberal tears. And keep sending us links in the Feedback!

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