Liberal Tears Taste Test: The Young Turks

[Source: “Conservatives Are Weak Terrified Pussies]

*Trigger Warning: Cenk Uygur *

Dat sore loser tho.

Overall a decent delivery. The projection was a bit too obvious, however. Will give these tears a 6.5/10.

Some quick observations:

  • I thought “pussy” as a derogatory term is sexist?
  • What does a portly L.A. millionaire know about real-world interactions with the statistically more violence-prone demographics of society?
  • What does Cenk or his effete sidekick in the video know about violence? Doesn’t look like much.
  • What is particularly cowardly about self-defense or concern about naive political agenda?
  • What is particularly brave about holding naive social beliefs? From positions of relative security?
  • When do these Young Turks plan on walking the talk?

The last one is the main reason I chose to respond to this video. Posturing is well and good, but how do they plan on backing up their claim? If the problem really is cowardice, why not do the brave thing and get involved? Isn’t that like 95% of liberal fantasy to begin with, standing up and speaking out, blah blah?

If the justice system on the street level is indeed so broken, why not form community safety cooperatives in urban, suburban areas known for police brutality? These Young Turk-types present as rather inoffensive and empathetic, I imagine their physical presence would provide a calm, positive influence on these benighted areas of the country. For communities used to glowering racists in uniforms, some vacuous cat ladies in horn-rimmed glasses may be what finally gets these lives togetha’.

Seriously, if the liberal’s claim of possessing more fortitude than a police officer actually holds water, it makes sense that they should actively apply their strength to society for its benefit.

I’m sure there are socially-conscious organizations that would be keen on funding such a project. In fact, I would be willing to front some money towards any grassroots effort to help make this dream a reality. I certainly have no problem providing aid to my betters, those who are brave enough to fix the problem us right wingers are simply too timid to fix.

…And even if your cooperative effort to hug it out with Peak Negro fails to prevent growing those FBI statistics you conveniently overlook, know that your sacrifice did actually help make this country a better place.